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Spray Foam Insulation vs Batting

We are well into the winter here in the GTA and whether you like it or not, winter is the season of insulation.  But how do you know which direction to go with the insulation in your home? Spray foam insulation and batting are the two primary viable insulation options, each with their own advantages and limitations. In order to help you decide which the right choice is for you, sat down with Wayne Palmer from George Kent Home Improvements Inc, an industry leader in the GTA since 1949.

Cost:  “One of the major differences between spray foam insulation and batting is the cost and complexity of installation.” Palmer explains. Where spray foam requires professional installation, batting is often taken on as a do-it-yourself project. As a result, spray foam installation expenses can run up 2-3x higher than batting expenses.

Insulation quality:   “The nature of the product combined with the requirement of professional installation means you are almost always getting a superior product with spray foam insulation.” Palmer explains.  When you spray foam a wall, you are essentially creating a perfect seal that no other technique can replicate.

Longevity:  “Spray foam lasts longer, virtually forever, whereas batting will break down overtime.” Palmer explains.  It is typical during home renovation projects where batting is used to see air pockets and sagging over time, whereas spray foam will essentially outlive the home.  The insulation quality with spray foam remains steady over a long period and this is generally not the case with batting insulation.

Environmental Considerations:  “Spray foam is considered an environmentally friendly product that is low in Volatile Organic Compounds ( VOCs) and Ozone Depleting Agents” Palmer explains.  Though it can be, it is more difficult to determine whether or not batting is truly an environmentally friendly process, due to the great variety and diversity in the products required.

Air Quality & Structural Considerations: “The strength of the seal associated with spray foam insulation also offers additional benefits to your home.” Palmer explains. These benefits include an improvement in indoor air quality due to reduced infiltration of allergens/pollutants as well as an improvement in building strength due to spray foam’s ability to reinforce the structure of your home.

Looking to insulate your home in the near future? In operation since 1949 with some of the best warranties in the business and over 80,000 successful installations, George Kent is an excellent choice for all your insulation and home improvement needs in the GTA.  Get in touch with George Kent today by accessing their profile here on

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