Spring has finally arrived! It’s time to get rid of your dust bunnies

Spring cleanup is on everyone’s list after being confined indoors this past winter. Cleaning the home is an integral “good feeling” ritual practiced by many during this time of year, but some believe it stops at the walls, windows and floors. eieihome.com spoke to Todd Smith of Ozone Duct Cleaning about how to make sure that the bunny that visits you this weekend isn’t of the “dust” variety.

After cleaning the interior from top to bottom, some people forget about the importance of following up that cleaning with a thorough cleaning of your duct system, to ensure that fresh “clean air feel”.

“The spring months are a great time to have your air handling system cleaned thoroughly and professionally after spring cleaning your home. There is no better time to ensure that your hard work is taken advantage of to the fullest by cleaning your duct system,” says Todd of Ozone Duct Cleaning.

During the winter months, the heating system is used continuously, within that time you are creating dust throughout your day to day lives, shedding skin, pet dander, home renovations and general dust creation, and all the while this air pollution is being circulated through the duct system and into the air in your home.

Many people only focus on cleaning things that they can see, where cleaning the things you can’t see may be more beneficial to your health and well being.  Having cleaner indoor air, has been shown to aid in the restriction of airborne allergy triggers such as pollen, dust mites and many other airborne particulates, not to mention that it can reduce the amount of dust in your home.

“Having your duct cleaning done by air duct cleaning professionals, like those at Ozone Duct Cleaning, ensures that the system will be cleaned thoroughly and properly, which will aid in the production of better indoor air quality,” says Todd.

“We pride ourselves by doing the job right the first time at Ozone, we take our time to explain what the service process is all about to our clients, and believe that educating them will help them understand the service we supply is something to add to their spring cleaning list,” explains Todd.


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