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Spring Home Maintenance: 5 Places to Inspect for Winter Damage

October through March Old Man Winter wreaks havoc on the exterior of your house and your yard with snow, sleet, ice and wind. Come spring it’s time to take stock of the damage and figure out a repair plan or you can call a home maintenance expert. Not sure where to start? Make sure these five areas are on your home maintenance list.

1.The Front and Back Porch

If you have a concrete stoop or back patio check for hairline cracks. They’re par for the course (and not something to panic about), but you should still take note of where they are and keep tabs on them. If any of them expand — or are big enough that someone could catch their foot on — you’ll need to consult a professional.

For wooden front porches or back decks, check for water damage. Even if you sealed it, there’s still a small chance that water could have seeped through, especially in the area where the deck or porch connects to the house.

2. The Roof

Your roof takes one heck of a beating during the winter. And if you don’t inspect it for missing shingles, cracks and holes, you could end up with indoor water damage.

3. The Foundation

This is one area homeowners tend to overlook in their post-winter inspection. But just like a concrete patio, a concrete foundation can suffer from hairline cracks. Don’t panic. Note the crack’s location and direction (horizontal cracks are typically more serious than vertical cracks). Keep tabs on minor cracks to make sure they don’t get bigger. If you have any cracks that have expanded since last season, you may want to consult with a professional.

4. The Yard

Inspect for patches of dead grass as well as bushes, shrubs and trees that have unfortunately fallen victim to winter’s harsh weather.

5. The Facade

Give the outside of your house a once over. Look for tiny cracks or holes — especially around window and door frames. Check your gutters — you want them in tip top shape for the rainy season. Gutters that are full of debris or cracked aren’t going to be able to do their job.

Has winter weather damaged your home? Then you should call a handyman from to help you put your home to rights.

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