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Spring Rain Can Lead to Homeowner Pain

Although we are all thrilled that the warm weather is finally here, the spring rains may be giving some homeowners serious headaches, in the form of a leaky basement or worse.  Heavy rains, while great for the plants, are not great for homes with deficiencies in their foundations.

If rain water does make its way into your home, you are looking at an abundance of aggravation owing to property damage and the associated exorbitant repair costs. With this in mind, reached out to Tony Romanelli of RCC Water Proofing to learn more about what homeowners should be doing to get through the rainy months unscathed.

Don’t wait until you see water:  “Don’t wait until start seeing water in your home to take action.” Romanelli urges.  The cost of preventing water related damage pales in comparison to the cost of remedying it after it has already occurred.

Seal your basement before finishing:  “ If you are planning to spend the time and money to finish your basement, make sure it is adequately sealed first.” Romanelli explains. This should be done whether or not you have or ever have had a leak.

Take advantage of free consultations if you are unsure: “Reputable companies like RCC will offer you a free quote and consultation to help you understand where you stand.” Romanelli explains.   Free consultations are a risk free way to understand exactly what it is you (or in some cases do not) need to have done to ensure your home is properly protected.

Keep drains and eaves troughs clean at all times: “This is a simple but often overlooked component of protecting your home from flooding and water damage.” Romanelli explains.

Look out for aging foundation: “The state of the foundation of your home will speak volumes about its susceptibility to water damage.” Romanelli explains. Keep your eyes peeled for mortar falling off, cracks and white chalky powder. If you notice these signs of damage, call a professional right away.

Measure the moisture in your basement: “Moisture in the basement is not only detrimental to your family’s health (due to the growth of mould etc) but may indicate risk of a potential future flood.” Romanelli warns.  Use a moisture meter to measure the percent relative humidity in your basement and if it is above 65%, consider consulting a professional.  A musty smell in the basement is another dead giveaway.

Water damage, especially during rainy seasons, is something all homeowners should take seriously. If you aren’t sure where to start, rely on a reputable contract like RCC Waterproofing. RCC is a third generation family run company that has been around for nearly a century.  Thinking about a free consultation and estimate? You can reach out to RCC Waterproofing via their listing here on



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