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How to stay warm while keeping home heating costs low

Fall is here and the weather is getting cooler. However, there’s no need to let warming the house land you in the hot seat as far as your home heating costs are concerned. At this time of year, before the bone-deep cold of winter sets in there are several ways that you can stay warm at home while keeping home heating costs low.

Inspect your home for air leaks

Heating a leaky or drafty home is pretty much like opening the windows and throwing your hard-earned money outside. That’s why, it’s so important to check your home for leaks and then seal any that you happen to find.

Some typical leaky spots include:

  • Around recessed lighting
  • Flues and chimneys
  • Electrical boxes
  • Windows and doors

Schedule a furnace Tune-up

Another good way to keep home heating costs low is to ensure that your furnace is in good shape. Simply schedule an appointment with your local heating and cooling specialist to come in and inspect the major components of your furnace. This will let you know if anything is not performing optimally. The best part, is that most furnace tune-ups include CO level measurement. It’s a great way to keep your family warn and safe!

Use your fireplace or space heater

Since outdoor temperatures are still relatively high, rather than cranking up the heat in the entire house, why not concentrate on a single room? Use a fireplace or a space heater (safely) and keep your furnace either off or in minimal use.

Replace old windows

Yes, investing in new windows sounds like an expense rather than savings; however, replacing leaky, inefficient windows is a big money-saver in the long run.

Bundle Up

While the weather does get to be on the cool side during fall, it’s still possible to keep warm by simply adding a warm sweater or a robe when you’re at home. Or, if you’re on the couch watching TV or surfing on your mobile, there’s nothing better than tucking in under a warm, snuggly blanket! Add a steaming cup of your favourite warm bevvie and enjoy!

Invest in a programmable thermostat

Your thermostat doesn’t have to be smart to help you save money. A basic programmable thermostat will let you regulate the temperature in your house throughout different times of the day. This means keeping things cooler when there isn’t anyone home or overnight while you sleep.

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