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Steps to Choosing a Siding Contractor

Finding a contractor to install or repair your home’s siding is more than comparing costs. Before you officially hire a siding contractor, do thorough research before you sign any cheques.

Scope Out Your Area

Before you get started, scope out your neighbourhood. If your home has siding on it, chances are, you live in an area where other homeowners also have siding. Ask your neighbours, friends and family whom they’ve used and go from there. You can also go to your local home hardware store or siding materials supply store and ask for a referral. These places will know who are the best contractors in the business and will make sure you’re getting the right person for the job.

Schedule an Interview

After you’ve located a few contractors, it’s time to give them a call and schedule an interview. You’ll want to have them over at your home to describe exactly what you’d like done; during this time they’ll be able to give you a proper estimate and time frame for the project. This is also a great opportunity for you to look through their portfolio and scan through some of their former projects.

Throughout the interview, observe their professional demeanor. How are they presenting themselves? Are they willing to answer all your questions and comment on your concerns? These are all things you will want to be aware of during the interview process.

What about License and Insurance?

A contractor’s license is an important piece of documentation you need to check before your contractor gets started. While you’re discussing the contractor’s license, ask them if they will secure the permits or if this is something you, as the homeowner, needs to do.

From general liability to worker’s compensation, your contractor should be equipped with the proper insurance, to not only protect themselves but to protect you as well! During your interview process, ask to see the contractor’s credentials before moving forward. If there were to be an accident or the contractor causes damage to your home, you could be stuck with the bill.

What’s Your Budget? 

Project costs will add up but don’t make your contractor decision based on the price – compare quotes and samples of each contractor’s work. Next, speak to them about a price point you’d like to stick to and see if they can offer you their service by sticking to that cost. Before they begin the job, ensure you’ve signed a proper contract and read through it thoroughly. The contract should outline; material costs, labor fees, start date, estimated date of completion and any other concerns you may have.

During this time, you may also want to think about securing a warranty on the building materials that are purchased for the job. Most contractors who are known for outstanding work will offer warranties on the spot – they want their customers to trust them and refer them in the future.

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