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Stop Break-ins at the Door

Do you want to know how to make your home less of a target for burglars this summer?

EiEiHome spoke to Peter Grant of Sure Lock Home Security, who told us all about a patented door reinforcement technology that helps homeowners protect themselves and their homes through cost effective door reinforcements.

Did you know? The door frame of your home that is secured with a deadbolt is the weakest link and  the most common method of break and enter. 

In residential properties the door frame is constructed with wood, which can be easily kicked down in seconds. In new construction developments most homes are built with double door entrances which are both functional and look beautiful with the glass inserts. However, the double door entrance is an easy target for burglars because there is only a half-inch of wood supporting the deadbolt, which makes the homeowner very vulnerable.

Did you know? It’s more cost effective for builders to use wood than steel in framing doors.

Many homeowners accept the idea that they have strong steel doors installed by their builder, which secures their entranceway.  Little do they know that their door is not all steel; around the door itself is two-inches of wood closing onto a wood frame that can be easily broken by one kick.


Did you know? A dead bolt and an alarm system are not enough to secure your home and family.

Home invasion thieves often work in groups and can complete a break-in in less than three minutes. When the alarm company contacts the home owner to verify if it’s a false alarm, the burglars may have already left the scene. The police will arrive and complete a report of the break-in for an insurance claim but are usually not present to catch the thieves in action.

Peter explains, “Security is a big concern in our society today, but most people are ready to react after the fact rather than take steps towards prevention.” Sure Lock Home Security helps homeowners to  participate in reducing crimes. He suggested a few simple tips:

  • Have friends or family keep an eye on your property while on vacation.
  • Take the time to examine your doors and see how vulnerable your home is.
  • Do not install extra locks or additional deadbolts.
  • Instead, install steel re-enforcements to your existing doors.

As many families are making plans for the summer holidays, it’s important not to become a statistic with a break-in. For more information, customer reviews and home service pros who can keep you and your family safe, visit EiEiHome’s directory listing.

Editor, Dawn Boshcoff

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