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Style File: Hollywood Regency

Ready for your close-up? Then it’s time to take a deep dive into Hollywood Regency style. Warning –this one is certainly not for the faint of heart!

If you like the idea of infusing some glitz and glam into your home, all wrapped up in a very decadent yet vintage package, then Hollywood Regency is probably the style for you. Not exactly de rigueur since the 1930’s, renewed interest in glamour has brought this silver screen style back into some North American homes.

Hollywood Regency isn’t a style for minimalists. There is a lot going on with this particularly bold and dramatic style. It tends to sample from different classical design styles and mingles them in a way that infuses the space with character and personality. In this modern day iteration, a lot of what sets it apart is the way it juxtaposes elements of clean, modern style with over-the-top luxe.

Here’s what you need to make it happen in your home

Hollywood Regency Colour Palette

Source: Indulgy

Source: Indulgy

Source: Indulgy  

Because there is so much about Hollywood Regency styles that encourages personalization and individuality, it’s actually quite challenging to pin down a definite colour scheme. However, high contrast black and white are an absolute must. When it comes to colour, vibrant brights tend to be preferred. Just remember that the secret is in the contrast.

If you love colour in your home, then you’ll be especially pleased to hear that this style doesn’t leave all of the fun to the walls. Furniture can also be treated to some of the colourful fun, and hard surfaces often also enjoy a lick of lacquer to boost the drama factor.

Sparkle and Shine

Source: Architecture Art Design

You simply cannot have old Hollywood glamour without sparkle and shine, now can you? Lacquered furniture and hints of crystals or mirrored surfaces provide the dramatic shimmer that this style requires.

Go for the Gold

Source: The Urbanite

Source: The Urbanite

Perhaps it’s due to Hollywood’s never-ending quest for gold statues, but when it comes to Hollywood Regency style, so absolutely must incorporate gold accents somewhere. It’s pretty much the law.


The Hollywood Regency furniture style is one that focus on the people occupying the room. To that end, the furniture pieces tend to lean toward the small side, in order to help them blend into the scenery. The petite chaise lounges and perching couches are merely set dressing, arranged in such a way as to encourage interaction between the people in the room.

You’ll also notice that faux bamboo furniture is very popular with fans of this style. However, don’t expect to see much of it au natural. More often than not, these pieces are brightly coloured and glossed like a starlet’s lips.

Pattern Power

You can leave those feminine flowers to fans of cottage style, because Hollywood Regency dives right into the deep end of bold, graphic patterns. This is particularly true when it comes to the use of wallpaper. Whimsical Chinoiserie, geometric art deco and animal print can all find a happy home here.



When it comes to fabrics, luxurious textures are an absolute must. Satin, chenille, velvet, fur (or at least a reasonable facsimile) and other fabrics that are sumptuous, both to the eye and to the touch. This is also not the place to be sparing. Fabrics are not so much accents where this style is concerned, but rather features. This means upholstered headboards, impossibly plush sofas, bed drapery and more.


Perch yourself upon the nearest fainting couch darling, because you won’t believe your ears …carpet, or at least some well-placed area rugs are a very important part of Hollywood Regency decorating. And not just any rugs, we’re talking the plushiest, most foot-sinkingly luxe rugs that you can find.

If you look at photos of Hollywood Regency style, you will notice that this is actually the place where colour and patterns often really comes into play. A big, bodacious statement rug can really set the stage for the look of your room.



Hollywood Regency style is all about making a statement. When it comes to décor accents, you’ll want that statement to consist of prominent, attention-getting pieces and not a collection of smaller knickknacks.

Because this is a nostalgic style, you can absolutely go with some antique pieces; however, this isn’t a style that works with anything shabby chic, or worn.


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Lead Image source: Chandelier and Starburst mirror- Kathy Kuo Home, Chairs – 1stDibd, Etagere – Mintwood Home, Pineapple – Joss & Main

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