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Style File: Industrial

The edgy, metal-heavy style of industrial décor was once relegated to stripped-down, urban loft conversions and rocker-esque abodes. Thankfully, those days are long gone, and households from the city to the suburbs can enjoy the raw and rugged style.

Industrial is a style that originated with a blue-collar lifestyle. As such, it relies heavily on upcycling and repurposing. This look is lean and oftentimes well-worn in appearance. It works best in an open-concept home, and appreciates details like exposed brick and ductwork, concrete floors industrial-looking windows.

Here’s a look at the components that go into industrial style décor and how you can incorporate all or just a few of the details at home.


A lot of what gives industrial style that raw edge is the use of materials generally associated with factories, warehouses, and other stereotypically gritty environments. Think reclaimed woods, brick, cement and especially metal.

The metal used in industrial décor is functional, not flashy. You won’t find high-gloss finishes, brass or gold anywhere here. What you will find are hardworking metals like steel, iron and tin, and unrefined accents like rivets and welds.



Source: Digs Digs

Industrial is not a soft and overstuffed look, but that doesn’t mean it’s all wood and steel. When it comes to textiles, think practical and barebones. Forgo window coverings, to expose the windows themselves as part of the overall look. Soft seating with clean lines and a lean profile tend to work best with this style. And while you may think that toss pillows would be a no-go here, the right combination of pillows helps to soften the look and keeps it from becoming too literal.

Colour Palette


Source: Rilane

The colours favoured by industrial style tend to be moody. Grays, blacks, some white and beige are the norm. Although some people like to mix deeps blues and purples in as well. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t shock the look with a surprising injection of colour.

Repurposed Items


Source: Pinterest

A hallmark of industrial style is the use of items that appear to have lived a previous life. We talking about lighting that looks like it was pulled from the ceiling of a waterfront warehouse, end tables and stools constructed from plumbing materials and reclaimed wood.

Notable décor accents include:

  • Pipes and other plumbing materials
  • Edison bulbs
  • Gears
  • Wood and metal stools
  • Pully systems
  • Wire baskets
  • Distressed, vintage signage

Choose Your Adventure


Source: Hometalk

There is no rule that says you must go all the way with this look. Pick and choose the elements you like and find a way to work them into your existing décor. Isolate the décor to a particular room, or simply add a small accent such as an exposed-gear clock.

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