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Style File: Scandinavian

The clean lines and bright white palette of Scandinavian style (often charmingly referred to as Scandi) has been revered by generations of Canadians. In opposition to the typically over-sized, lived-in styles most often seen in North America, Scandi style embraces a welcoming minimalism that is orderly and functional yet endearing all at once.

Interested in adding some Scandi style to your home décor? Here are some elements to look out for.


There is simply no such thing as wall-to-wall carpeting in Scandinavian design. Wood floors are the ideal, whether left natural or painted white. To add softness under foot, make use of area rugs throughout the space. This is also a great way to inject some colour into the classically neutral base.

Colour Palette

The base colour seen throughout most Scandinavian style interiors is a bright white. In fact, you will find that there is generally a lot of white used throughout. Alternatively, you may see shades of gray or blue in more modern Scandi iterations. However, that doesn’t mean that colour isn’t welcome. Interjections of colour, from brights to pastels are often seen in accessories, textiles and plants.

Natural Elements

scandi style

Source: Remodelista

Natural wood tends to play at least a co-starring role in Scandi décor, finding its way into furnishings, architectural elements, flooring and accent pieces.

In addition to wood accents, houseplants can often be seen lending verdant interest to Scandinavian interiors, along with their air-cleansing benefits.

Wide open Windows

scandi style

Source: LoomBrand

Speaking of natural elements, natural light is extremely important to Scandi style, so much so that window coverings are often not used at all. Of course, if you aren’t so much into inviting the neighbourhood’s collective gaze, you can opt for some unobtrusive window treatments rather than daring to go bare.

Embrace Negative Space

One of the most beloved aspects of Scandi style is its openness. Rooms are not jam-packed with furniture and clutter is kept to a minimum. That is not to say that personal elements and artwork cannot be seen in Scandi spaces, but rather that vignettes are not muddied by excess.


Scandi style is as much a feast for the fingertips as it is for the eyes. Impossibly chunky knit blankets, fluffy areas rugs and angular light fixtures are just a few examples of the pleasingly tactile textures favoured by Scandinavian style home décor.

Crisp Angles

The lines in Scandi style are impeccably clean. You will find straight edges and minimal embellishments furniture pieces and in the architecture.

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