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More Summer Enjoyment with Awnings, Canopies & Motorized Screens

Many homeowners have a beautiful pergola at the back of their homes, but still can’t use their deck when it’s raining or too hot outside. A retractable canopy or awning can serve a practical purpose and is an affordable option.

eieihome was curious about the many styles and functions of retractable shade products for homeowners. We asked Bart Bremmers, the general manager at Craft-Bilt about products available on the market for this season.

Retractable Awnings

This is a product we all know. Bolted to your house, it has long folding arms that can extend and retract as needed. Once called “canvas awnings”, you may have had to replace the fabric after much wear and tear. Long gone, this older style has been replaced with durable, 100% solution-dyed, acrylic fabrics.

When selecting a retractable awning, look for a manufacturer that offers no less than a ten year warranty, who cuts the fabric sonically (with sound). This seals the edges to prevent fraying. A thread like Gore™ Tenara® wears well, and fabric treatments with Teflon® by Dupont® make it super durable.

Installation and Care

Follow the manufacturer’s guide for installation and care. Your awning can handle light wind and rain, and the telescoping legs are available to support the front. Never leave your patio for a long period of time without retracting your awning. It resembles a big sail when extended and a gust of wind could severely damage the mounting brackets and fasteners attached to your home.

Awnings today are motorized and can be operated with remote control. Wind sensors are also available, which will automatically retract the awning when it gets too windy. Make sure the telescoping pole offers a quick disconnect, in case the wind sensor is triggered or someone accidentally changes settings on your remote.

Retractable Motorized Screens

If you already have a roofed porch or patio and just want to keep your outdoor space bug free, then you should think about installing a retractable motorized screen.

More Summer Enjoyment With Awnings, Canopies & Motorized Screens

The screens can be fully customized to fit any opening, even a garage door sized one, so that any space can be made ready for entertaining or for simply enjoying the outdoors with friends and family.

Retractable Canopies

Excellent for keeping sun and rain off your deck, these retractable shades use the same durable fabric and work like an accordion. These can be free standing next to your pool, attached to the wall or installed under an existing backyard pergola.

You can open the retractable canopy shade cover for maximum sun and close it when you need protection from the elements. Choose a system that uses multiple tracks, with a built in slope to make sure the rain always runs away from your house.

Choose the Right Service Pro can help put you in touch with the right service pro for installation of your canopy, outdoor awning or backyard pergola, and here you’ll get many more great backyard entertaining ideas.

By Bart Bremmers

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