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Are you sure you want an open concept kitchen?

Going open concept is a home renovation trend that has remained popular for many years. Proponents of this renovation project claim that removing walls and opening the kitchen up to the family room (or in some cases to the entire main floor) allows the family cook to better socialize with family and guests. Having clear sight lines to the family room also makes it easier for parents to keep a watchful eye on small children, or for someone to enjoy the TV while performing kitchen tasks.

There are a lot of good reasons to make the switch to an open concept kitchen. However, there are some equally compelling reasons to keep your kitchen closed.

Constant Cleaning

When your kitchen is open to other rooms, it means you can’t just shut the door on your dishes. You’ll need to keep everything spic and span after every meal, and that includes holidays and dinner parties. If you can live with a little kitchen chaos, then this might not be a deterrent. However, if you can’t stand the sight of dirty dishes, you may find yourself constantly cleaning up.

Cooking Smells

In addition to containing the cooking mess, a closed kitchen is also good for containing smells. Without the walls, food smells both pleasant and pungent can travel more easily throughout the home. That means potentially infusing your furniture, draperies and possibly even the clothes in your closet with smells like onions, fish, pungent vegetables, and spices.


Yes, an open kitchen does encourage conversation between the cook and other people in the home. But, what if that isn’t what you want? You may find your cooking being constantly interrupted by the kids, your partner, or guests. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to concentrating on the task at hand, particularly when you’re just trying to get through a new recipe, or are simply exhausted after a long day at work.


One of the biggest factors to consider before committing to an open concept kitchen layout is the state of your flooring. More likely than not, you presently have different flooring in the kitchen than in the family room, or whichever room will end up connected to the kitchen. This means having to select new flooring to suit your open concept plan.
Take a look at this video featuring Margie Doyle-White –interior designer and former co-host of “Take this house and sell it” for some tips on how to select flooring for an open concept space.

Whether you eventually end up going to an open concept layout or choose to keep your kitchen closed, the most important thing is to do what suits your household. Just because open kitchen are on trend, doesn’t mean that you have to have one in your home.

For further assistance, contact an experienced contractor or kitchen designer about your options.

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