Bathroom Design

Renovations that make dollars and sense – Property Shopping
In my design practice most renovations fall under one of four overall categories.  The approach in how to select the property and plan the renovation is quite different for each.  Knowing before you begin looking, what you hope to accomplish at completion, will set you up for a successful purchase and renovation. (more…)
- April 15, 2016

The inside scoop on bathroom design
Once not even a consideration in home design, the bathroom has come a long way over the centuries. The concept of running water was a novel idea, which gained momentum in Victorian England as the middle class developed. It wasn't until the 1900s when water in city homes became generally thought of as a standard item. (more…)
- March 29, 2016

Make it or break it renovations
Whether you’re creating an income property or renovating your dream home, there are definite do’s and don’ts when it comes to ensuring the best return on investment. I’ve been designing and renovating client’s dream homes for almost two decades but the true crash course in ROI came with my five years as series designer on HGTV’s Income Property. I scouted, planned, designed and stretched the budgets on over 100 episodes. When it comes to ensuring you’re the standout in your neighborhood, it’s about appealing to 90% of the buyers, 90% of the time. (more…)
- March 9, 2016

Beating the bathroom blues
When the season changes, do you change up the decor in your home to match? Maybe you've exchanged your traditional decor for some pumpkins and fall-coloured centerpieces for fall. Why not give your bathroom that same TLC? From adding furniture pieces to undergoing a small bathroom renovation, there are so many things you can do to beat the bathroom blues! (more…)
- October 28, 2015