How To: A Clean and Stylish Bathroom
Ever wonder how to you maintain that magazine-ready sleek stylish bathroom look in everyday life? It takes a little effort up front, but once you know these tricks it’ll be a breeze to keep your bathroom looking camera-ready every morning, before you’ve even fixed your bedhead! (more…)
- August 25, 2016

The inside scoop on bathroom design
Once not even a consideration in home design, the bathroom has come a long way over the centuries. The concept of running water was a novel idea, which gained momentum in Victorian England as the middle class developed. It wasn't until the 1900s when water in city homes became generally thought of as a standard item. (more…)
- March 29, 2016

Product Feature: Your ultimate guide to marble
Think marble is only for the kitchen, the bathroom, or the outrageously wealthy? Think again! For modern marble, there are few if any rules about how to use it. Follow my tips for how to work with this sought-after material and get a rock-solid look for your next renovation. Then hire a tile expert to complete the project! (more…)
- May 13, 2015

Design Dilemma: Upgrading a Bathroom
There's always that one room in your house that needs a bit of work to make it extra special. Is it the kitchen where you love to cook, or your office where you want to be relaxed while reading a really intriguing book? This week, we're examining how to renovate a bathroom into the perfect little space for you and future homeowners to enjoy. (more…)
- March 18, 2015

A Guide to Outdoor Showers
With summer's high temps rapidly approaching, it's time to start thinking about backyard extras. Those who live lakeside, own a pool or have little tykes who love to get dirty, may want to consider installing an outdoor shower. It's classier than hosing down and more convenient than running through the house. You can trick it out with all the extras (heated towel bar anyone?) or construct one with just the basics. (more…)
- June 7, 2014


Who is DeShaun Jones of BATH FITTER Grimsby?

I have been professionally active in sales/marketing as a consultant, coordinator and campaign manager for over 10 years in the music & film industries. I graduated with a diploma from Centennial College in Small Business & Marketing Management.  I decided to move from the music industry because I was interested in marketing a different product. (more…)
- April 2, 2014