Building Permits

Most renovations require a building permit
Bryan Tuckey -President and CEO of Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) discusses one of home renovation's most frequently asked questions. Most home renovations especially those that involve major construction, alterations or demolition require a building permit. (more…)
- May 21, 2017

Making sense of the building permit process
When homeowners dream about renovating their homes, they think turning existing rooms into beautiful, magazine-worthy spaces. What they do not think about is building permits. However, the building permit process is an extremely important part of ensuring that your project is completed safely and properly. (more…)
- July 10, 2016

Want to build your dream home? Learn from a DIYer who has
You have been dreaming of this moment your entire life.  You have been scrimping and saving, waiting until the time is right to finally build your dream home. It's an exciting prospect. You envision yourself finding the perfect piece of land, customizing your home to fit your family’s unique needs, and living happily ever after. But what about all that stuff that has to happen in the middle? (more…)
- February 5, 2015

How to Get a Building Permit
If you are planning a home renovation or building project, you will most likely need a Building Permit. The City of Toronto and other municipalities have processes that you will need to follow in order to acquire a permit to begin work. (more…)
- October 2, 2013

Building Permits
Building permits and building inspectors are great at ensuring that your renovation is built according to the existing safety standards, local bylaws and energy efficiency requirements. But here's the thing, the work can still look like crap and be terrible. That's because the code has nothing to say about how flat the drywall is, or if the hardwood floor matches the colour of the walls. It can't control if the tile is going to fall off in six months, or if it is of very low quality. (more…)
- June 24, 2013