Custom Home

Find a home builder who is right for you
Shopping for a brand new home can be exciting. But choosing the right builder is just as important as the home you choose. If you are thinking of buying a new home, be sure you do your research before deciding on a home builder. Whether you want to live in a large urban area or a smaller community, you will have a number of builders to choose from and each company may offer a different selection of homes. For example, some may focus on specific market segments or neighbourhoods. Others may specialize in particular types of homes or have certain distinctive expertise, such as adult lifestyle design or resource efficient homes. (more…)
- February 1, 2016

Survey reveals what new home buyers want
What are you looking for in a new home? A fairly large kitchen? More living space? Perhaps you want a recreation room? A general contractor can certainly help you out with that, whether you're transforming your current home, or are buying a new one. A new survey has revealed what new home buyers are looking for in their homes. (more…)
- December 21, 2015