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How to choose a statement wall mirror
In addition to serving a more utilitarian purpose in the bathroom or in a bedroom, mirrors can also add a lot of character to other rooms in the house. This is where a good statement wall mirror can really shine. A statement wall mirror offers far more than just a reflective surface, but rather serves as art and also helps to make your space seem bigger. Here are a few details to consider when shopping for a wall mirror that will not only reflect your face, but your interior decorating style as well. (more…)
- March 5, 2017

Add sparkle with house jewelry
The fascination with adding shiny objects to your home is a trend that has never truly gone out of style. House jewelry is a term used to describe home décor that adds sparkle and shine. From metallic details, to tile and other accessories, adding house jewelry is an easy way to add glam to your evolving style. (more…)
- February 14, 2017

High Impact Decor at a Low Cost
We all want beautiful décor in our homes, but what are we willing to pay for something that we can do at a low cost with high effectiveness. Learn more about the six things you can do in your home to create beautiful, high impact décor with a limited budget. (more…)
- February 12, 2017

Money saving home décor hacks
Enjoy high style at a lower cost, with home décor hacks that can help you achieve a pin-worthy look for your home’s interior. There are times when bringing an investment piece into the home makes sense, or when it pays to spend the money on a well-planned renovation project. (more…)
- January 25, 2017

Happy 40th Birthday IKEA!!
One of the most well known retailers in the world is celebrating, four decades of design, décor and innovation in Canada.  To commemorate being fabulous at forty IKEA launched a new brand commercial that celebrates the vision to create a better everyday life for the many people through its democratic design philosophy; they rolled out their much-anticipated 2017 catalogue and even brought a touch of IKEA’s museum straight from Sweden.’  (more…)
- November 19, 2016

Buy A Chair, Support a Charity
How often have you really thought about having nothing?  I'm sure most of us are thankful for all that we have daily, wishing and working for more. But what would it be like to have absolutely nothing?.  I mean, no chair, no stove, no bed or anything at all.  In our rich western society we rarely have to face this possibility so its something that we truly can’t imagine.   (more…)
- October 30, 2016

Area Carpets: Something Underfoot.
  When it comes to interior design, most clients focus on what goes into a room first, then they think about the finishes like colours, textures and styles for the walls, windows and furnishings. Usually the last thing that is considered is the floor. I like to think of it as the fifth wall and the finishes you choose for the floor are just as important as the rest of the décor. (more…)
- July 6, 2016

Fake It To Make It
There is nothing quite like the luxury of marble or the richness of leather.  Designers are drawn to the unique, the organic, and the depth that only natural materials posses.  If only every project could be draped in yards of raw linen and clad in white arabesque marble. Here’s the thing, not all of us can afford the price tags that inevitably must be attached to the laboriously harvested, tanned and milled.  Natural resources are limited, which of course creates both the demand for their bespoke qualities, and the matched high-style pricing. (more…)
- April 29, 2016

How to fearlessly add colour to your home
It may seem like the resurgence of white in home décor has claimed much of the attention this season. However, this past weekend Janice Fedak from Color Marketing Group introduced her audience to an entire spectrum of on-trend hues during her talk at The GTA Home & Reno Show. “There is no right or wrong when it comes to colour,” Fedak reassured.  An incredibly important sentiment for homeowners to embrace, since the prospect of decorating in anything outside of safe neutrals can strike fear in the hearts of so many. (more…)
- February 20, 2016

Colour your home with Colin and Justin!
Design duo Colin and Justin examine the way in which colour can enhance your home. Through painting and purchasing unique accent pieces from furniture and home accessories stores, you can add the right amount of colour to your home without overwhelming each and every space. (more…)
- January 11, 2016