Home gym

Turn any room into a workout space
Working out at home is a great option for everyone, from stay at home parents, to students, commuters, seniors, and anyone else who needs a convenient way to get in the recommended hours of exercise each week. No matter how large or small your home may be, there’s a home gym solution for just about anyone. Here’s a look at some of the different ways to create a workout space in your home, whether it’s a dedicated space, shared, or temporary. (more…)
- September 12, 2017

Top 5 Home Improvement New Years Resolutions
Every January 1st, everyone makes a pledge to better himself or herself in the New Year. As much as we think we’ll stick to these resolutions, in most cases within a month or so they have been forgotten. Put a spin on classic New Years resolutions and this year make a pledge that will stick. (more…)
- January 5, 2017

Building a home gym that you’ll actually use
Are you interested in building a home gym, but afraid it will go unused? Don’t worry, you are certainly not alone. However, if you put a strategy in place at the start of your build (and employ a bit of determination), you can create a workout space that will be more of a destination than an obligation. (more…)
- July 14, 2016

Tips for Building a Home Gym
With a busy schedule, it's hard to find time to hit the gym. Make squeezing in that daily workout much easier by creating a fitness area in your own abode. Clearing a small space to do workout videos in front of the television is better than nothing, but ideally, you need a whole room that's devoted to toning those abs and firming that booty. When creating a home gym, choosing the right exercise equipment is only the first step. There are several other key components that can make or break your workout space. (more…)
- February 22, 2012