Modular Homes

Building Up Vs Building Out
Should you build up or should you build out? If there was a home renovation gameshow, this would be the million dollar question. But what’s the right answer? spoke to Bole Cirovic of Modular Home Additions, one of the GTA’s leaders in home renovation service, in order to find out. (more…)
- December 26, 2017

How to Prepare for a Modular Home Addition
Undergoing a substantial home renovation can be a stressful and overwhelming process. We spoke with Vladeta Jericevic, President and CEO of Modular Home Additions and discussed how his customers can prepare themselves and their homes for a smooth renovation with his company. (more…)
- February 25, 2017

The International Home & Garden Show: Cape Cod Style Home
Ever see a home under construction? Visit the International Home & Garden Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to experience a cut a way house. Imagine the house of your dreams, a Hi-Tech Home that has the design function you want, the luxury features you dreamed about, all tied together to create the perfect affordable place! Discover this year’s show-stopping feature that includes a 1,980 square-foot Cape Cod Style Home presented by iModular Homes of Aylmer, Ontario. (more…)
- March 7, 2014

Myths and Facts About Modular Homes
It's safe to say that most first-time buyers don't think about talking to home builders about modular homes. This pre-fabricated home option is known more for its bad rap of being cheaply built, trailer-like and in the long run a questionable financial investment -- than for its benefits. But many of the negatives associated with modular homes don't hold any truth when it comes to the options available today. Before you discount this type of house altogether, get the truth on some common misconceptions. (more…)
- November 20, 2012