Contractors Gone Wild! Watch out for the bad ones
Sometimes the smallest renovations can lead to the biggest headaches. The surest way to keep a job on schedule and on budget is to hire a contractor with a good reputation. Everything from raw materials to warranties depends on the expertise and experience of the people doing the work. A great contractor is your surest defense against a renovation nightmare.Here is why it's important to hire a reputable contractor. (more…)
- March 4, 2015

Get It Done Right With the Right Contractor
A home makeover that is handled by an unscrupulous or incompetent contractor can be riddled with code violations. The worst of these can mean that the "renovation" itself has to be torn up, repaired and done over again. If this extra work isn't covered by your contractor, you're stuck footing the bill. Perhaps more importantly, this process can lead to a seemingly endless cycle of work and repair that turns your home into an open-ended construction site. (more…)
- February 17, 2015

Planning on Renovating? How to Avoid Bad Contractors
A big renovation can add value to your home, make it more comfortable and help it to sell for more money if you ever decide to move. It can also go over budget, drag on past schedule, interrupt your family's life and and turn your home into a construction project for weeks or even months on end. (more…)
- January 25, 2015

Updating Your Foyer: Give Visitors an Exquisite Entrance!
A common home improvement cliche is that the kitchen is the most important room in the house, and that when you're done with that, the next room you want to put money into is the bathroom. But before guests - or potential buyers - see any of that, they see your grand entrance. Think about your foyer before you call your home contractor. (more…)
- July 25, 2014

4 Awesome Tips for Creating a Man cave
So you've decided that you need a room for yourself, but not just any room - a mancave. You want one. You need one. You deserve one. You've got a vision of pool tables, big-screen TVs and La-Z-Boys big enough to swallow a sports fanatic whole. But before you call a home improvement contractor to get to work on this home renovation, check out this guide to mancave madness. (more…)
- July 2, 2014

What to do before you renovate
Sure, remodeling or building your new home can be an exciting time, but before the shovel hits the ground there’s plenty to cross off the to-do list to ensure your project goes smoothly.  eieihome spoke with Albert Donadio of AJD Construction Group, a design, construction and renovation company on the pre-renovation process.   (more…)
- May 23, 2014