What nobody tells you about installing shower body sprays
What constitutes a luxurious bathroom tends to vary from person to person. For some, a dream bathroom might contain custom cabinetry or heated floors; perhaps a soaker tub or a spacious, granite-topped double vanity. The differences are seemingly endless. However, there is one detail that tends to pop up on everyone's wish list, and that's a big walk-in shower. (more…)
- October 11, 2017

New Product Spotlight: Bring the Spa to your Home
Convert your shower from a place to get clean to an oasis of relaxation While you can get by with a simple bathtub, it is rare to come across a home that does not have a shower of some kind. Whether it is a shower-tub combo or a standalone unit, the convenience and hygiene of jumping in the shower to clean up is hard to beat. (more…)
- September 23, 2017

Bathroom Décor Trends in 2013
The bathroom is an essential part of home life – whether you use it as a getaway to relax after a long day or it’s a quick stop on your way out the door, your bathroom needs to be a space you enjoy. With an uncertain economy, people want to create an oasis in their own home, which has led to spending time and money on creating a space that will really catch everyone’s eye. (more…)

Glass Shower Enclosures – Building Considerations
Glass is one of the most elegant building materials, particularly for use in a bathroom. If you are planning to add a glass shower enclosure to your Thornhill home, you will be able to achieve a timeless, elegant look that still offers exceptional functionality. However, there are some things that you should know about the process before you get started. (more…)
- April 14, 2011