Spring cleaning

De-cluttering Basics 101
The winter months are coming to a close and it’s time to sort out your spring-cleaning plan. De-cluttering can make your home feel fresh, clean and brand new. Use a step-by-step guide to ensure a smooth and effortless de-clutter session. (more…)
- March 13, 2017

Easy Springtime Home Makeovers
If you’ve had enough of winter’s chilly gray, now is a great time to get a jumpstart on spring! It’s time to clean up, clear out, and redecorate your home. Here are a few projects that are bound to put a little spring into your step and your home. (more…)
- March 11, 2017

7 spring cleaning tips for people who hate cleaning
It’s that exciting time of year when we get to dive in and get some deep down spring cleaning done! Ok, maybe it isn’t so exciting.  In fact, if you’re like a large portion of the population, you’ve actually been dreading spring cleaning season. Because really, when the weather finally starts to get enjoyable, who wants to spend their weekends scrubbing baseboards or reorganizing the closet? (more…)
- April 13, 2016

Why home maintenance should be your top priority this spring
When you think of spring cleaning, what comes to mind? Getting your house in order, cleaning out closets, maybe tearing apart the pantry in the kitchen? But spring cleaning is more than that. It's about getting your home ready for the summer season ahead. After all, it's been through a lot with the heavy winter we've endured. Ease into it by hiring a handyman to help you out. (more…)
- April 19, 2015

Outdoor living: so much to do this time of year
Every homeowner has an inventory of things to do outside when the warm weather hits. In fact, we've already written about what spring cleaning you should do both indoors and outdoors to get your home summer-ready. Outdoor design and lifestyle expert Carson Arthur opened our eyes to other important projects around the home. Get a helping hand from our outdoor cleaning experts! (more…)
- April 10, 2015

Home Maintenance | Winter is Coming!
Winter is coming. How can you tell I was binge watching Game of Thrones this week? While this phrase is the motto for House Stark on the TV series, it certainly reminded me that in my reality the warm sunny days of summer are fading fast and soon, I will look out my kitchen window marveling at the rainbow of colors which saturate the trees. (more…)
- December 3, 2014