Choosing a New Bathroom Vanity
One of the most exciting aspects of renovating a bathroom is choosing new cabinets. Your bathroom vanity serves as a major focal point. It takes up a lot of space and is often the first thing people notice when they enter the room. (more…)
- January 23, 2018

Garage Organization 101
Organizing your garage can seem like a daunting task but this is something that can make your life easier in the long run. Consider devoting a weekend to cleaning out and organizing your garage to get you ready for the spring and summer months. (more…)
- April 4, 2017

The Butler Did It…In the Servery
“Dinner is served”, announced the butler to the guests. Formal dinners of a time gone by were announced and overseen by the butler. While the role of this trusted home manager is scarce in todays’ society, one thing has made a resurgence in newly-built homes. It’s the butler’s pantry or servery. (more…)
- March 19, 2017

Take Charge of Post-Holiday Clutter
Have the holidays left your home feeling more than a little bit cluttered? If the answer is yes, we think you’ll be relieved to hear that post-holiday clutter is a common problem. You can thank the slew of new toys and gifts, the chaos of holiday décor teardown and lots of leftover wrapping paper (plus all of the bows, bags and tissue paper that goes with it) for all of the extra stuff around the house. (more…)
- January 6, 2017

Customer service is dead – or is it?
All too often, you find yourself looking for a service – whether that’s hiring a contractor or searching for a product in store – and are met with mediocre customer service. Businesses aren’t meeting your needs or taking your time into consideration. It seems like inadequate and unprofessional customer service has become the standard.  (more…)
- October 22, 2015

Moving? How to downsize when you have too much stuff
Moving into a new home or condo? The process of moving is a lot of work - packing your belongings, keeping your boxes in order. But if you're downsizing and moving into a smaller space, then moving is extra tricky. How can you bring that 14-seater table into a condo? This guide unpacks everything you need to know about how to downsize the right way and how storage can help. (more…)
- August 21, 2015