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Freeze Your Winter Plumbing Problems

Subzero temperatures, ice and intense winds are a dangerous combination that can do serious damage to your plumbing. Common winter plumbing problems that can occur at this time of year include pipes bursting and plumbing systems freezing. These types of damage can leave you with a hefty repair bill. eieihome has compiled this list of things you can do to prevent winter plumbing failures from happening.

Insulate pipes installed outside

It is standard procedure for plumbing fixtures to be installed on the exterior walls of your home, but the location puts pipes at risk of freezing. Pipes that are used regularly throughout the day are less likely to suffer from freezing. It’s overnight when pipes are usually not being used that they experience the damaging effects of drops in temperature. Any leaks that occur as a result won’t get noticed until the morning.

Consider adding insulation to the wall space or around the pipe to protect it from the cold. Inside your home, open drawers and cabinets to let air circulate around the piping, thus lowering the risk of frozen pipes and other plumbing problems from occurring.

Monitor the water heater

Do you feel tempted to take a long, hot shower to warm up when it’s cold outside? The winter season is when your water heater works overtime to supply an adequate amount of hot water throughout the house. With the heater in constant use, sediment builds up quickly, which is often the cause of breakdowns. Flushing the tank every year is standard maintenance, but also a lengthy DIY. Consider hiring a hot water tank expert to conduct a power flushing for you.

Other technical issues that may occur include the pilot light going out, which limits the supply of hot water. In such cases, it is best to contact a plumber immediately to ensure the problem is repaired.

Be on the lookout for leaks

Be diligent in checking if there are any leaks inside and outside of your home. If you’re experiencing a leak in your home, big or small, it’s important to take it seriously. One leak could lead to a second, and so on, which may leave your home with more serious plumbing problems in the future.

Get to know a plumber

It’s important to find a plumber whom you can rely on in times of emergency. Criteria to consider when hiring a plumber should include someone who has experience and who can provide the materials to repair the problem. Your plumber should be able to properly explain what they are doing to fix the issue and provide a quality repair that will last.

Having trouble finding a plumber? We have a list of plumbing contractors to choose from on our website.

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