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Take on this home reno project to instantly update your home

Are you interested in taking on a home renovation project but don’t have a lot of time or budget to get into something too involved? At the same time, do you want to make a change that really makes a statement? Renovating your kitchen requires both time and a healthy budget, and rearranging the living room (again), just doesn’t pack enough punch.  So, what about remodelling your entryway?

The entryway speaks first for the rest of your home’s interior. When you make a change, it is naturally impactful, since it’s the first thing that anyone sees. It’s also generally a smaller space that typically doesn’t require much furnishing, which means that it won’t take as much time or money to renovate as other rooms might.

Interested? Here are a few tried and tested ways to renovate your home’s entryway.

Add Wainscoting

update your homeImage Source: HomeBunch

Whether you prefer shiplap, board and baton or classic beadboard wainscoting, paneling is practically perfect for use in a foyer. It’s a fast, effective way to give your entryway some polish. Wainscoting is a combination of panels, decorative boards and molding. It can be made from solid wood, MDF, plywood, or even PVC. Your choice of materials will depend on your budget and personal taste.

While there aren’t any carved-in-stone rules on the height of your wainscoting, you should always first consider the height of the room. It also pays to keep in mind that the height you choose will have a big impact on the overall feel of the space.

Standard Wainscoting Heights

  • 72-inches
  • 54-inches
  • 42-inches
  • 36-inches

Change the Flooring

update your homeImage Source: Interiors by Studio M

Changing the flooring in your foyer is a great way to add instant impact to your home’s first impression. Your flooring is a key anchor in any room. So, when you change it, people notice.

If your entryway has its own small area of tile, this edit can be quick, simple, and budget-friendly, depending on your taste in tile, of course. However, if it shares the same flooring as the rest of the living area, the project may not be as straight-forward.

If your entryway is clearly defined by walls, you could simply transition the flooring. Whereas, a more open-concept style may require a more creative design.

Add a Statement Light

update your homeImage Source: Design Sponge

Even with the addition of wainscoting and tile, adding a fresh, new light fixture can really pull the whole space together. It’s like adding jewelry to a great outfit. While it’s a smaller addition than everything else, it still stands out.

Paint and Furniture

update your homeImage Source: Love Grows Wild

Enhance the warm and welcome vibe of your brand-new foyer with a fresh coat of paint. Then have fun, adding furniture that adds style and function. If you have space, a bench or chair is always a welcome addition, particularly here in Canada where it is customary to remove your shoes in someone’s home. A console table and some storage are also a welcome addition.

Then, it’s simply a matter of adding your home’s personality to the space.

Feature Image: Dering Hall

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