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Do you have what it takes to build your own deck?

If you’re a newbie and planning on building your own deck from the ground up, it isn’t as simple as one may think. From building codes, measurements, materials and more, building a deck can be difficult but it can be done. Do you have what it takes?

Tools and Materials

To build a successful deck, one needs to have all the proper tools and materials that are necessary for building their dream deck. Before you get started and begin buying materials, ensure that you have a solid plan for what you hope your deck will look like. Your project is sure to include materials such as; post caps and bases, caulking, joist hangers, concrete, stone and/or cinder blocks, carpenter’s square, table saw and other basic tools. When you go to your local hardware store to pick up your materials, make sure your wood is treated or can be treated to face the outdoor elements, and that you order extra to make room for measuring/cutting errors.

Creating a Plan

Other than designing what you imagine your dream deck to look like, make sure to consider what permits you will need from the city and if your dream deck is even possible. Take advantage of any of the online programs that can help you personally design your deck and provide you with a digital plan that you can refer to at any time.

Types of Decks

Platform Decks: The simplest desk to style, and build for deck building beginners. Ideal for homeowners in single-storey homes

Raised Decks: Perfect for homes with an above-grade first floor. These decks must include railings to operate as a safe and hazard free space

Multilevel Decks: A series of decks connected by stairways or walkways. Perfect for sloped lots because the surface area of the deck will follow the lay of the land

Freestanding Deck: Not attached to another structure but are built with techniques similar to attached decks. Perfect for large lots with an open area with a great view or a lot with a designated flat surface.

You vs. a Contractor

Building a deck is a moderate-to-hard task for even the handiest of DIYers. If you’re daunted by the idea of tackling this project yourself, don’t be reluctant to hire a contractor to come in and get the job done. It may cost you a fair bit more, but the job will get done quicker and without any major hiccups.

When you’re looking for a contractor by doing serious research, and you find one you’re considering hiring for the job, be up front with them and let them know that you’re thinking of doing the project yourself and that you’re on a strict budget. The contractor will potentially offer solutions for your job that will save you money while doing thorough work.

When calculating the final cost of a major home improvement project, take into account the time you’ll save by hiring a contractor and the additional value you’re adding to your home by ensuring the job is done well.

Looking for a local deck design and building expert? Be sure to browse through our listings of deck builders, to locate the pro nearest you!

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