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Technology in the bathroom

If you’ve ever visited Japan, you know that bathroom technology can build a toilet that cleans itself. Sometimes it’s the small improvements – or complications – of your regular bathroom gear that can “gadget-up” your bathroom with just the right functionality. eieihome researched and compiled a list of gadgets you should consider implementing in your bathroom. We also have all the right contractor that can help you with your new bathroom renovation

Touch Technology Faucets

You’ve probably seen these advertised on your favourite home specialty channel – faucets. You can activate these faucets with a tap of the finger, the back of your hand, or your wrist. This helps minimize the spread of germs while letting you keep your bathroom cleaner by not touching the taps with dirty hands.

Shower Sounds

You’ve been able to buy a simple, battery-powered shower radio for decades, but the technology has come a long, long way. Sony’s current models include AM, FM, weather band, digital clock with auto-off timer and optional CD player. Those who are part of the digital generation can opt for a waterproof docking and speaker system.

The Toepener

Sometimes low tech innovations solve problems high tech can’t touch. The toepener is a handle you attach to the bottom of the door, oriented horizontally and formed for the tip of your foot. This lets you open and close the door without using your hands at all. In public restrooms, this means not touching the germ-ridden handle on your way out. At home, it can make walking in and out with an armload of laundry or carrying a baby much easier.

Wi-Fi Scale

The sleek black square that is the Wi-Fi scale doesn’t look much different than the $10 model you used growing up, until you step on it. Once activated, it will show you your weight, body fat percentage and Body Mass Index. Better still, it will send that information to a program on your home computer to help you calculate your weight loss and body composition progress. If you are not so bashful you can update your status on a public website.

Home Health Monitor

Home health monitors are beginning to appear in bathrooms for people with chronic health problems. These fully-connected LCD screens will ask pertinent questions and talk you through basic procedures to track your progress and maintain your health.

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