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Ten Home Maintenance Tips

No homeowner wants to experience the hardship of unwanted home repairs. Below are ten home maintenance precautions you can take to protect your house.

1. Clean your roof.

By completely cleaning your roof, including gutters, every six months you will avoid a dangerous buildup of debris. This will also enable you to discover leaks or other obvious problems while they are still easy to fix.

2. Maintain your kitchen appliances.

Most house fires start in the kitchen and are often caused by malfunctioning appliances. If your appliances are exhibiting any odd behaviors, either replace them or contact an appliance service professional for further assistance.

3. Install high-quality doors.

Many home burglars enter through unsecured doorways and windows, resulting in the loss of valuable property. By installing solid wood doors, you will make your home more difficult to invade.

4. Clean your fireplace.

Poorly maintained fireplaces are one of the major causes of house fires nationwide. Always hire a professional chimney sweep for an annual cleaning and inspection.

5. Clean your dryer.

Dryer fires are a surprisingly common source of house fires. Most are caused by lint buildup in vents and the dryer itself. Always remove lint after every load and have a duct cleaner clean out all vents twice a year.

6. Check for water leaks around water sources.

Water can damage walls and floors, as well as creating the perfect environment for unsightly mold. By routinely checking the areas around water sources you can spot a leak before it becomes a major problem.

7. Clean out your basement.

Basements, since they are below ground level, tend to accumulate moisture which can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. Completely cleaning your basement periodically will enable you to find any problem areas.

8. Organize your garage.

Many homeowners use their garage as storage for a wide range of items. If not organized correctly, clutter can lead to mechanical injuries or fires. Always keep your garage in a safe and orderly condition. Don’t forget to check for infestation, mice and even termites love to make their homes in the garage.

9. Maintain the trees around your home.

Trees planted too close to your house can lead to several problems, including damaging the foundation and dropping large limbs onto the home in rough weather. Always prune your trees, and remove any that are too close to your house.

10. Remove excess clutter from your home.

Stuffing your home with too much clutter may lead to trips and falls, as well as creating multiple fire hazards. Always keep walkways clear from debris, and remove any clutter in close proximity to heat sources.

About the Author:
Madyson Grant enjoys spending time with her family and blogging about home related projects. She is currently blogging for a Baltimore Bed Bug about termites and other pests.

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