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The benefits of having a back-up generator

The winter season brings with it hazardous weather conditions, wreaking havoc on your home. A power outage can cut off your supply to heat, lighting and even running water. We spoke with Hanna Taylor of Hotwire Electric about the benefits of having a back-up generator for your home.

Generators can accommodate your needs

The purpose of a generator is to power your home in the event of a power outage. Today’s generators offer more than just an alternate source of power because they can be installed in such a way that suits your lifestyle. “We can install what’s called an essential load,” says Taylor. “You get to choose what circuits you want powered by that generator.” Should the power go out, you can have the generator power the stove or furnace, or both.

A total home generator is self-managed by you, the homeowner. “When the power goes out, the entire house can be on the generator,” says Taylor. “A homeowner can decide to use it for stove lights, hot water, the sump pump, anything they like.”

Generators are a necessity, not a luxury

Toronto has seen its fair share of storms, which is why generators are becoming increasingly important to have in your home. “Generators are becoming viewed as more of a necessity and not a luxury anymore,” she says.

That’s because the cost of repairing damage to your home as a result of a power outage – like a basement flood thanks to frozen pipes and an unpowered sump pump – can cost more than the generator itself.

“Depending on the model and function, our generators can be over $10,000, so it’s not a cheap product to have it supplied and installed,” says Taylor. But the cost of a generator could offset the cost of repairs should your home get damaged due to inclement weather.

Generators are using home automation technology to protect your home

Generators installed using a mobile link with Wi-Fi capabilities can alert you if something goes wrong when you’re away from home. “It will actually email and text the homeowner that it did its weekly cycle, or that the power went out for 15 minutes.”

How is that possible?

“When the power is out, the Wi-Fi will be on because the generator will turn it on and send you these notices,” says Taylor. “It’s a smart device that lets the homeowner know what’s happening at home.”

Hotwire Electric will ensure your generator is in proper working order

Taylor likens a back-up generator to a car: “If you don’t maintain it, you don’t know what will happen to it,” she says.

Hotwire Electric’s team of electricians will not only install your home’s generator, but commission it alongside a gas technician to ensure the device is properly installed, and conduct routine maintenance once a year to protect your investment.

“At Hotwire, we take care of everything,” she says. “We’re a one-stop shop.”

The experts at Hotwire Electric can retrofit your home with a generator this winter, which will also come in handy in the spring.

“Power outages happen in the spring and summer as well,” says Taylor, adding that a sump pump that stops working during a rain storm can cause a basement flood.

Visit Hotwire Electric online to read more from the lighting and design experts! The next time you need a Toronto electrician, consider hiring the team to transform your home’s lighting.

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