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The Big Shift: Transitioning Your Home Décor From Summer To Fall

Chilly weather, cozy blankets  and spiced lattes may seem out of place amidst the delightfully warm summer weather. However, curating inspiration for autumnal décor can help make your home furnishing transition easier once those first chilly days hit. While your furnishing staples will likely remain the same, seasonal décor can have a dramatic impact on the look and feel of your space that you can easily update as the seasons come and go. It’s also a good idea to invest in classic, quality pieces that you can break out year after year.


While you may have just perfected your recipe for mai tais, and looking forward to that weekend patio party, here are three tips to keep in mind (perhaps, the back of your mind for the time being) when planning your home décor transition.

Cozy Colours

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to transition your home from summer to fall is to switch up the accent colours in your home. You can replace accent pieces, such as pillows, throw blankets and area rugs with new ones or opt for removable slipcovers in deep, saturated tones. Nothing exudes the perfect autumnal vibe quite like purples, blues, greens and golds. These colours are all versatile options that will likely complement any of your home furnishings. This is especially true if you stick to a neutral colour palette for the rest of your space, which is especially important for small spaces and condo furniture.


You may also decide to embark upon some seasonal DIY or re-arrange console tables or other decorative settings. You can use fall accents, such as lanterns, seasonal fruits and flora, wicker baskets and other warm-toned pieces to complement your home. Keep in mind that many summer colours work well with autumnal hues. Barring strictly seasonal items, many of your summertime furnishings should last well into the fall season.

Feel The Difference

When it comes to transitioning to fall, the texture of your furnishings and fabric play a big role in creating depth and warmth. While you likely stick to light, breezy fabrics for summer, such as linen, light cotton and bamboo, the chillier seasons call for heavier and plusher fabrics. You can incorporate a variety of textures into your home, many of which are great for mixing and matching. Style a sleek leather sofa with silk pillow cases, or use a thick linen pillow case to inject a casual vibe onto a velvet armchair. The mixing of textures will allow you to keep some of your summer pieces and re-purpose them for the fall season.


The easiest way to incorporate new textiles into your home is through accent pieces such as pillows, blankets, bedding and curtains. Be sure to opt for warm colours and rich textures including faux fur, knit and flannel. On your bed, simply changing the sheets to something with a heavier weight and adding a blanket at the foot will easily do the trick. Baskets are another great way to add texture to any room, and can also double as storage.



Light Up the Room

While the warm summer months take advantage of the sun and bright lights, the chillier fall season calls for de-saturated, cozier lighting. If your home lets in a lot of natural light, consider dimming its effects with heavy-weight curtains. This is a great opportunity to work in a deeper colour palette and new texture—velvet, flannel or thick tonal pattern curtains are great options, but be mindful to ensure the curtains have appropriate grommets and that your curtain railing can support the weight of heavier curtains. You may also look for curtains that have room-darkening properties.


Candles are a great go-to for instantly adding warmth and ambience to any room, especially if they’re scented with seasonal favourites. In addition to traditional candles, there are many electronic or battery-operated options to mitigate safety concerns if you’d like to leave them on for extended periods of time, or have young children or pets.


You can also easily incorporate many of your summer lighting options into your new fall décor. Try bringing in the fairy lights you have outside on your patio to wrap around a plant, a staircase or artfully draped over a bookcase. These also work well in bedrooms (for either yourself or your children) to add a cozy, whimsical effect. Additionally, transition outdoor candle holders indoors by arranging them upon a table alongside other seasonal accents, or decoratively on the floor, perhaps near your fireplace.


Much like fashion, home décor operates one season ahead. Transitioning your home furnishings to suit the upcoming fall season doesn’t require a total overhaul of your current décor, nor a large investment of time or money. There are many simple, often DIY, tricks you can implement to ready your home for cooler climes. Whether it’s something from the list, or from your own imagination, there are a number of options available to you.


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