The Culinary Side of Home Design is featured at the 2013 National Home Show

For the first time in its over 60 years, the home show is paying homage to the heart of the home; the kitchen. With a slew of culinary presentations, the best kitchen ideas spill over to the foods that you can create, feature and find closest to your own backyard.

Homestyle foods

Chef Scott Savoie, Toronto’s only chef Food Tour Guide showcases some the best of Toronto’s food scene for the season. Sharing original Ontario food stories at Canada’s National Home Show, Canadian favourites like the Peameal Bacon Sandwich with Tomato Jam and the incomparable Butter Tart sure makes for some yum, like the taste of maple that flows with the thought of spring!


Celebrating all that’s green

The official drink for St. Patty’s day and for the season is an ongoing feature at the Mill Street Brewery. Cooking demonstrations included recipes for cooking with the mouth-watering brew and everything from starters, to hearty mains and desserts. For those who wanted to enjoy ways of celebrating with this brew sole.


Mill Street brewer, Geoff Wiseman was on hand to enlighten showgoer on the best way to enjoy stout, as well as recommended food pairing to enhance its already great taste.

Turn up the heat in home design

This uber-social dining experience, once popular in the 70’s, is back with the retro style for home design and combined with an intimate and romantic twist! Perfect for dinner parties with a few cherished friends or a lovely candle light dinner with your special partner, this entertainment idea will fit with the mood for any occasion.

Fruits of the sea

Once you learn how to prep, clean and shuck oysters, you will delight in being able to prepare these delicacies at home. Neptuno hottie Lirad Kligman taught foodies in attendance how to surely appreciate and experience oysters in a whole new way.

National Home Show Oyster Dish

Make it at home

Home-cooked meals not only nurture the body, but also bring families and friends together. With amazing new kitchen design ideas that focus on creating an optimal entertainment area, along with a creative culinary centre in your home, your guests will be sure to love the many ideas we are able to share and you can bring them all home.


Watch for more upcoming posts and pics from the National Home Design Show and Canada Blooms.

Editor, Dawn Boshcoff

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