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The Ultimate Luxury Bathroom

Sometimes a door that locks is the greatest bathroom luxury a mind can imagine. But the ultimate luxury bathroom, where you melt the day away, can be so much more.

We’re talking showers that steam away your aches and pains, soaker tubs that calm jangled nerves, heated tile that warms tootsies on cold mornings, and bidets that … well, we’ll explain what bidets do later.

Deluxe bathrooms can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, but at the end of a long day, who else but you deserves a little luxury?

Here’s a look at some bathroom features that are guaranteed to pamper.

Steam Showers:

To build a steam shower, you’ll have to close up your shower and tile it completely, this includes the ceiling. Steam generators can rest in the bathroom or, if possible, in an adjacent closet that shares a wall with the shower. You’ll need a plumber and electrician to hook up the generator to your water and electricity.


Long a European fixture in bathrooms, a bidet is a sit-down wash basin that is both convenient and helps conserve water. If you have the space, you can install a separate bidet next to your comfort-height toilet. Or, buy a bidet seat that fits onto your toilet and washes you with a wand. There are even bidet seats that have heating, music and aroma features.
The Ultimate Luxury Bathroom
Source: Kohler

Soaking tub:

Imagine soaking your aches away in a deep tub. Now, imagine how much water the thing needs, and then crawling around it to clean the bathtub and drain. In fact, unless you’re a pro athlete, you’ll probably only use the tub a few times a year. However, when you do, light some candles and turn on music to create a mini-vacation without having to leave your home.

Multiple shower heads:

His and her shower heads let everyone get a hot shower without jockeying for position. Add a few body sprays, and both of you get clean at the same time.

Heated tile:

Put an end to cold bathroom floors by laying a heating mat, with electric coils, under new tile. You can turn on the tile heater before stepping into the shower, or program it to turn on before you stumble into the bathroom each morning.

Towel Warmer:

Nothing feels quite as luxurious as a warm towel awaiting your freshly showered body. You can buy stand-alone warmers, which plug into an outlet, or you can hard wire a wall-mounted warmer. You can even buy a towel warming drawer that lives in your bathroom cabinetry.

Have any bathroom luxuries in mind that we didn’t mention? Share them with us in the comments section below.

By Lisa Kaplan Gordon

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