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Then & Now: Swimming Pool Care

“Summer was here, and the hot and sunny weather made it the perfect time for a pool party and other backyard fun… until we woke up one day with a green swimming pool. Apparently, algae had eaten up all the chlorine. We worked with Toronto’s Island Wave Pools to bring this pool back from cloudy and green to clear and sparkling.






The sand filter was backwashed—to ensure effective filtration. Then the walls and bottom of the pool were brushed to loosen the algae from surfaces. The pool was ‘super chlorinated’ and the pump was left running for 24 hours to kill the algae and clear up the pool water. (Sometimes this can take up to 48 hours.)  The water started to clear while the filter removed suspended debris.

Next, the debris and dead algae were vacuumed from the pool.  Since the pool has a sand filter, we turned the filter dial valve to the waste/drain setting while vacuuming. The garden hose was left running in the skimmer to offset the drop in water level. (With a canister/cartridge filter, you would vacuum as normal.)

The last step was backwashing and rinsing the sand filter again to remove any junk settled inside. (This step is only needed with sand filters.) The pool finally looked like the ‘now’ photo.”

Larry reminds us that it’s important, even with a salt water pool, to take a couple of extra minutes to respond to activities in your pool each week, in addition to your regular maintenance. Remember to ‘super chlorinate’ after every pool party or heavy rainstorm. This maintains both chlorine levels and clarity.

By Zoe Waller

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