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Things You Shouldn’t Do If You Suspect Mold

  1. Don’t disturb the area

One of the most common mistakes people make is to disturb the area where they suspect mold (for instance ripping out carpet or removing drywall without following proper procedures).  Mold spores become airborne when disturbed and you can inadvertently cause the mold spores to spread throughout your home and contaminate other areas that were previously mold free.

  1. Don’t run a dehumidifier (if you suspect you already have mold)

If you suspect you have mold and think running a dehumidifier to dry the area out is a good idea, think again.  If mold growth has begun and you dry out the affected area before the mold is removed, the mold spores will become aerosolized and travel throughout your home.  It is best to leave it alone and contact a certified mold inspector to come in and assess the problem.

  1. Don’t clean the area with bleach

Many people believe bleaching the area will solve the problem.   While this may be helpful to temporarily disguise the unsightly appearance of surface mold, it is important to understand that the primary ingredient in bleach is water.  Mold needs moisture to grow, so dousing the area with bleach actually provides a food source for the mold to grow.

  1. Don’t procrastinate

If you suspect mold, your best line of defense is to call a certified mold inspector immediately, such as   The mold will continue to grow if it is not dealt with, so the longer you leave the problem the bigger it gets.  Addressing the issue in a timely manner can save you hundreds of dollars and give you piece of mind.

Greg writes for about mold. specializes in mold removal and unlike the other companies they address the reasons why the mold grew in the first place.

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