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Time-Saving Garden Tools

If you like to work in your garden, you’ll appreciate tools that make garden work easier. If you’d rather be doing anything else than mucking around in a vegetable plot, you’ll love these tools that shorten your time in the sun and soil.

Adjustable Rake

An adjustable fan makes this tool an infinite number of rakes capable of gathering debris of any size. Pull the lever up, and the collapsed fan corrals tiny clumps of soil, stones and roots; push the lever down, and the fan opens like a flower to gather leaves and spent weeds.

Hand Weeder

Nothing makes short work of eviscerating garden invaders like a hand weeder, a short and light tool that digs and slices weeds with a mere swipe of your arm. Hand weeders have wood or plastic shanks topped either with a hook to grab weeds by their miserable roots, or with a razor-sharp blade that slices through soil to separate weed heads from their bodies. Some weeders are so sharp, they come with a sheath, so you don’t accidentally separate a finger from a hand.

Fiskars hand weeder

Photo: Home Depot

Garden Tiller

You can spend a weekend and your last ounce of strength hoeing and breaking up soil, or you can let a garden tiller do the job for you in a fraction of the time. Choose an electric tiller if your garden is an extension cord away from your power source. Or buy a gas-powered model for large plots located more than spitting distance from your home.

Electric Tiller
Photo: Home Depot

Goose Neck Hoe

The razor-sharp blade on these long-handled hoes easily slices through hard and wet soil. The curved neck of the tool points the blade at the perfect angle for grabbing weeds by their roots and loosening soil prior to planting.

Garden hoe
Photo: Home Depot

Tool Sharpener

All garden tools will work faster and easier if they are sharp. Run a sharpener over weeder and hoe blades to makes cutting roots and hard earth easier. Sharpened garden shears, loppers and scissors cleanly cut stems and branches, reducing the risk of disease to your perennials, trees and shrubs.

Garden tool sharpener
Photo: Home Depot

Drip Hose

Misting young plants from the nozzle of a garden hose takes time and loses water to evaporation. A drip hose, on the other hand, lets water soak directly into the soil and roots. Wind a drip hose through your garden; attach it to a timer; and you won’t have to think about watering your tomatoes again.

Drip watering hose
Photo: Home Depot

Plastic Wheelbarrow

Plastic wheelbarrows are lighter and more durable than traditional metal wheelbarrows, which rust quickly and are heavy even before being filled with soil and weeds. Be sure to store plastic wheelbarrows in a shed or the shade, because sunlight will prematurely warp and age them.

Plastic wheelbarrow

Have any time saving tools you love to use that we missed here? Let us know in the comments section below.

By Lisa Kaplan Gordon

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