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Is it time to upgrade your electrical panel?

Is it time to upgrade your electrical panel?

Home improvement isn’t just about things you can see. Oftentimes, it’s about maintaining the systems that keep our homes operational, comfortable and safe. Your electrical system is probably the most essential and yet ignored system in the home. We simply expect it to work, and don’t consider the drain that new appliances, upgrades, and electronics may be putting on it.

Here are some circumstances that may result in a need to upgrade your electrical panel.

Doing a Kitchen Reno

If your kitchen renovation involves an appliance upgrade, there’s a chance that your current amperage won’t be sufficient. With connected appliances now making their way into the average Canadian’s kitchen, the demand for household power is even greater than ever before. Adding things like smart appliances and double ovens may require expanded panel capacity.

Adding a Hot Tub

Did you know that something as simple as adding a hot tub can increase the demand on your electrical panel? If you have immediate plans, or even future plans to add a hot tub or swim spa, you should look into whether you’re going to need to up the amps.

The addition of new outdoor lights can also mean that it’s time to upgrade your electrical panel.

Insufficient Outlets

Certain home renovations, such as basement upgrades, rooms conversions, and changing to open concept can alter your power needs. Device charging demands can also have an impact on the number of outlets required in your home, as well as the placement of those outlets. Additionally, if you find that extension cords are often used in your home, it could be a sign that more outlets are required; thereby requiring a reassessment of your electrical panel’s capacity.

Older Home

If your home is of a certain age (usually 30 years or older) there’s a chance that it isn’t equipped with enough amps to properly run all your appliances and gadgets. It’s also possible that your older home could be equipped with a fuse box, rather than a circuit breaker.

Building an Addition

Whether building up, out, or adding a single room, your power needs are going to increase.

Adding or upgrading a garage? If this project includes the installation of a garage door opener, be sure to assess the drain it may have on your home’s existing power.


Ready to learn more about upgrading your electrical panel? Visit the listings for local electrical contractors in your area to find qualified professionals. Not sure if you need to upgrade your electrical panel? Contact a local electrical contractor about having a load calculation performed.

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