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Timeless Bathroom Lighting Trends

Bathroom lighting is tricky. It’s got to be both functional and stylish, making both you and your space look good. Fortunately, recent improvements in bathroom lighting technology and design have made lighting the bathroom easier than ever.

Just follow these guidelines to make current lighting trends work for you:

For the Bathroom Vanity Area

Lighting bathroom vanities can be tough, because they have to look nice and make us look pretty. Ever stand at a mirror with a recessed downlight right over the bathroom sink? My guess is you were startled at the vampiric visage staring back at you. Don’t worry – it’s not you, it’s the downlight.

To avoid unflattering shadows and still have a well lit sink area, you actually need two light sources. Mount the first on the wall with the mirror. You can use traditional bathroom light bars, or try something more modern like a lighted mirror or even some eclectic wall sconces. The second source should provide backlighting to the subject at the mirror. Try an angled adjustable recessed light on the bathroom ceiling a few feet back.

In the Bathroom’s Standing Shower

The vanity area isn’t the only place you’ve got to worry about being seen. The shower is typically one of the most poorly lit areas in the home, which is a little frightening, considering that’s where we wash ourselves.

A recessed shower light can help you see while scrubbing and shaving, and is also a great addition to help you wake up in the morning. There are tons of moisture-resistant trims to pick from, in a range of different styles for every décor taste. I normally recommend the domed glass diffuser for uniform light distribution in the bathroom.

For the Bathtub or Whirlpool

While a recessed downlight is a great option for the shower, the last thing you want is to have a relaxing soak ruined by an offensive light shining into your eyes. Luckily, recent innovations in lighting technology make it much easier to subtly illuminate the bathtub in a less abrasive manner.

Depending on your bathroom’s construction, using warm-white LED tape lights or light bars in coves, niches, or even toe-kicks can provide a more relaxing ambient light for the bath. If your architectural options are limited, a few water-resistant mini-recessed lights around or even within the tub will keep it dazzling yet serene.

Around the Bathroom Toilet

When it comes to adequate lighting, no one really cares much when it comes to the toilet. I mean, who worries about looking good there? Apart from cleaning, we may prefer not to draw any attention to the place at all.

However, there’s one light fixture on the market that can do wonders for this area – the motion sensor night light. With this light you won’t have to flip on overhead lights and jolt yourself out of that blissful state of semi-slumber during the night. The motion sensor lets you go about your business with minimal thought, helping you see just enough to function.

Throughout the Bathroom

Of course, these bathroom lighting options may vary depending on your personal taste, but there’s one current trend essential to any bathroom: versatility. The bathroom has many different uses so naturally the same lighting scheme won’t work for each.

You should be able to adjust the light levels to suit any task or mood. The easiest way to achieve this is to switch out your standard light switches for dimmers. You might not think the bathroom is the first place for this fancy light control, but once you get used to customizing the light level to energize or soothe, you’ll never go back.

About the Author:
Annie Josey is a blogger for Pegasus Lighting, which sells specialty lighting products nationwide. Annie believes the right kind of lighting can help make everyone’s life a little bit sweeter.

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