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Tips for Storing Firewood Indoors

A wood burning fireplace can make any home feel extra cozy thanks to the smell of burning wood and the crackling sound of the fire. But the ambiance of a wood fireplace may wear off if you have to brave the winter cold air to get it. Storing wood indoors is certainly easier, but requires proper measures of care. eieihome researched and compiled a list of things you should consider before moving your firewood indoors.

Carve out a storage space

Make sure you have a suitable place for the wood. Storing it underneath the hearth of a fireplace is a practical option because the wood is right where you need it when you need it. Having a cabinet built into the hearth may require some work with the help of a contractor, but it will keep your living space clutter-free and add another element of style to your living space.

Put it on display

Instead of tucking away the firewood, why not use a piece of furniture and display it within your home? Stacking wood inside a bookcase or dresser makes good use of existing furniture pieces while adding a cool visual element to the room. Lining the furniture with a rubber mat will protect the pieces from getting scratched.

Prepare the wood accordingly

Wood should be properly seasoned before it enters your home. That includes leaving the wood outside in the sun and wind long enough to dry so the moisture is extracted. The wood should also be completely scent-free. These two precautions will lower the risk of critters inhabiting the wood and your home.

Stay away from air fresheners

It might be tempting to spray your wood and the surrounding area with bug sprays and air freshener, but burning wood that has come into contact with such solvents releases toxic chemicals into the air. Instead, consider buying ant or bug traps to put inside the storage area. They are more suitable solutions that will protect the wood for the long winter season ahead.

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