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Tips to Turn Your Home into a Bohemian Paradise

For some reason, most homes look amazing when decorated in Bohemian style! Maybe it’s the chill vibe, maybe it’s all the fun colors or maybe it’s the deliberate creative “mess”. But no matter what it is, boho will give your home eclectic style and breathe new life, and it will allow you to relax and unwind every day! So, if you’re not sure where to begin your Bohemian Paradise transformation, here are a few tips that will certainly help.

Allow better flow


Bohemian style is big on energy flow and freedom of movement. So, why not open up your space by removing some of the constricting doors from your home? Replace these harsh barriers with something light and airy like dip-colored curtains or a macramé curtain. For an extra touch of eclecticism, you can even opt for old-school beaded curtains! These feel amazing to the touch and make a relaxing little sound every time they move. It’s really like a tactile and audio therapy!

Introduce soft lighting


For a perfect boho atmosphere, you need to provide your space with quirky yet soft lighting that will encourage relaxation and positive vibes. So, don’t let your harsh neon lighting throw your entire Bohemian game off course! Invest in shaded lamps or hanging pendants, or better yet, visit local thrift shops that are always overflowing with interesting and eclectic pieces that will perfectly fit into your mismatched interior. However, if you already have a lighting fixture you love, employ your DIY skills and add a touch of boho design to them with beads, pearls, fabrics and color!

Add warmth with rugs

If you want to add only one boho décor element, opt for rugs! They will add instant softness to the space and boost the warmth. Look for interesting vintage rugs covered with unique patterns and vibrant colors! Vintage Moroccan or Persian carpets are always the best choices because of their quality feel and striking designs. Plus, they are perfect for layering! Cover a neutral carpet with a vintage Persian rug and you’ll instantly add depth, texture and uniqueness to your space.

Boost comfort with pillows and ottomans


The main mission of the Bohemian style is to provide people with a comfy, cozy and relaxing environment. So, make sure to fill your space with plenty of decorative pillows and comfy ottomans. (Faux) leather poufs are also must-have Bohemian design pieces that instantly boost coziness. These are perfect for lazy days when all you want to do is spend a chill afternoon doing nothing but napping and daydreaming. Plus, you’ll always have plenty of seating when you have guests over—no more struggles with folding chairs! Just make sure to pick something unique and interesting and you won’t even need too many other decorative elements!

Set up a mindfulness corner


Since the boho trend often draws inspiration from Eastern traditions, you can treat your body, mind and home’s interior with a bit of thorough relaxation in the shape of a meditation corner! Designate one part of your home to soul pampering where you can practice mindfulness, concentration and gratefulness. Plus, this area can also be used for keeping your body in top shape, since yoga requires very little space and gear. Throw a few pillows or yoga mats on the ground, boost natural lighting and even put up some speakers for soft music. A focal point like a candle, a statue or a painting is also a good addition to the space since it helps with focus and mindfulness.

Interesting wall decoration

Minimalism has no place in any boho home, so make sure to leave no wall empty and sad! One great way to give your walls some character is to adorn them with some macramé art. You can get interesting wall hangings in stores, but making them yourself is super fun and you can play with different designs, sizes and colors! If you’re into something more spiritual, you can opt for a beautiful dream catcher that perfectly embodies the free-spirited energy of boho decor! Pick a design with floral patterns to add some color to the piece and you’ll not only protect your dreams from nightmares but also boost your Bohemian décor!

Every Bohemian soul will feel right at home when surrounded by this unique, eclectic and quirky interior design trend! So, boost the colors, textures and comfort in your home and fill it with a lively yet relaxing boho spirit.


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