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Top 3 Trends for 2013 in Outdoor Solar Lighting

Lighting not only adds ambiance to your outdoor spaces, but it also extends to use beyond the natural light of the day. Placing lights around your patio, deck, garden, yard, driveway, path, or other outdoor areas translates to decorative, comfortable and safe lighting after the sun goes down.

Traditional outdoor lights require wiring, which can be expensive and difficult to install, as well as potentially dangerous. Then, of course, there’s the cost of actually running electric outdoor lighting once it’s installed.

Solar outdoor lighting, on the other hand, is affordable and easy to place and position—no electrician required. Plus, it costs nothing to run. Powered by the sun, the battery charges during the day and then runs the LED lights from dusk until dawn.

In addition to being simple, affordable, and sustainable, solar outdoor lighting is functional and attractive, both by night and by day. Here are three top trends in outdoor solar lighting for 2013.

Trend #1: Contemporary Colours & Shapes

Your solar lights don’t have to look like lights. Large cubes and spheres add a funky modern look to your yard, garden, patio, or other outdoor living space. During the day, these lights look more like sculptures or art pieces, and they can even double as additional seating or a place to set your favourite beverage.


LED technology also provides an array of colours to choose from. Blue, green, yellow, red—you can even get lights that cycle through several colours to add variety and interest to your outdoor lighting.

Even if you prefer a more traditional look, coloured lights or special finishes like copper and brass can add a contemporary feel.


Trend #2: Dual-Function Outdoor Solar Lights

Decorative lights are lovely, and outdoor lighting is functional in itself, but if that’s not quite enough for you, then perhaps the newest breed of dual-function solar lights will fit the bill.

Tired of being driven indoors by pesky mosquitoes? Solar-powered bug lights are the perfect solution. In addition to illuminating your outdoor living space, these lights attract mosquitoes and other pests with their glow and then use some of their solar charge to zap the bugs with electricity.

For all you green-thumbs out there, solar light flower pots are the perfect yard and garden accessory. Show off your gorgeous blooms by day, and then let the planter light up your space at night. You can even combine this trend with the coloured lights mentioned above.

Trend #3: Solar Security Lights

Your home is your castle, and you need to protect it. Motion-activated security lights not only scare away potential burglars and vandals, but they welcome you or your guests when they approach the house, without costing a fortune and attracting bugs by shining all night long.

With a variety of sizes, mounts, and designs, solar security lights suit just about any style of home or outdoor living space. As long as they’re mounted with full exposure to the sun, they’ll charge by day and then stand by at night to activate when they sense motion. Some even activate by sound.


Put the power of the sun to work for you. Save money on electricity bills and conserve energy with easy, affordable, sustainable solar lighting. Whether you try one of these trends or opt for a simpler, more traditional look and feel, solar outdoor lighting is truly a bright idea.

By Emily Dockrill-Jones

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