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The Top 5 Front Foyer Design and Décor Tips

First impressions have always been an important aspect, especially when it comes to one’s home. You want to make sure your front foyer brings a sense of comfort and functionality to your guests as soon as they walk in. Flooring, furniture and accessories are all aspects to consider when designing your front foyer.


Flooring in your front foyer can be different from what is throughout your home. If your front entrance has carpeting, consider removing it and add tile or hardwood. Adding tile to your front foyer is a clean way to add sophistication to the space. Spice it up with a cozy area rug to to enhance the warmth factor. Look for a rug that is made of a course material and a colour that will work with the rest of the surrounding décor.

If you live in a home with a front foyer that’s bigger than a thin hallway, consider adding furniture. A chair or a small bench is a great option. Providing your guests with a place to sit while they take their shoes off is a thoughtful décor element. You can find benches that offer storage space for you to hold your winter clothing or shoes when they aren’t in use. Stores like IKEA have great storage solutions for any foyer, big or small. You will appreciate your seating area when you have to strap on your winter boots.


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Stepping into someone’s home and being greeted with a warm glow of light is a comforting feeling. If you have a table in your front foyer, add a trendy lamp that you can turn on in the evenings. Think about finding a lamp that works well with the space and if you decide to switch it up, you can change the look with a new lampshade. If overhead lighting already exists in the foyer, visit your nearest hardware store and look through their lighting section. Consider a low hanging chandelier to add elegance to the space.


A space to throw your keys and a mirror to make last minute tweaks before you head out for the day. Both of these reasons are why accessories in the front foyer are a necessity. Find a table you can place against a wall, or if you have a spacious area, place the table in the hallway and add knick-knacks or plants for originality. If your space is smaller add a mirror on the wall where you have placed the table. It will give you peace of mind that you look great walking out the door.


Wainscoting is an age-old decorative wall treatment that uses wood rails and panels to add visual interest to a room. Including wainscoting in your front foyer can be done on a reasonable budget and makes a huge difference to the space. Whether it’s added to the lower half or top half of the interior walls of the foyer, it’s sure to make a visual statement.

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