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Improve your outdoor landscaping with a backyard pond

A backyard pond can add to your outdoor Toronto landscaping and enhance your natural environment. You can purchase a pre-formed pond or alternately, hire a company that specializes in landscaping customized ponds and full servicing, such as Ponds in the City. If this is your first pond, keep your water structure simple. 

Later, you can expand its features by adding extras, such as a new surrounding landscape, water plants and flowers, pond lighting, decorative rocks and stones, fish, a fountain, or even a waterfall.

Remember that where you dig your pond is crucial. Certain areas can be dangerous and destructive. For instance, stay away from spots that never dry. Also, leaves that shed from overhanging trees can contaminate the water and make it unsuitable for landscaping a pond in Toronto. And never, ever dig near an entrenched power cord. Circuit breakers will help you avoid that kind of a disaster.

Once you’ve selected a safe location to begin, keep in mind these 5 things to make your Toronto landscaping installation easy and successful:

1. Take the easiest approach.

For beginners, it’s best to build a basic pond to start. You can customized any type of pond to your individual liking. A pre-formed pond is made of heavy polyethylene to withstand extreme temperatures and comes in many pre-designed shapes and sizes, so you’ll definitely find one to suit your taste.

2. Don’t limit your future options.

Your pre-formed pond should have a depth of at least 4 feet. This way fish can withstand a long winter. And if you ever decide to have a variety of larger fish, opt for a size that can hold 500 to 3000 gallons of water.

Images courtesy of HomeDepot

3. Position your pond exactly where you want it.

Place wooden pegs around the circumference of where the landscaping will be done, leaving an extra 15 cm of space, wider than the pre-formed pond structure itself.  Always place your pond right-side-up or the hole you dig won’t be big enough.

4. Start digging the hole for your pond.

As you excavate around the pegs, keep leveling the area and dig down deeper to where the shelves of the pre-formed pond would be. Carve out the deepest region and dig it out slightly deeper than where the bottom actually is. Level it, pour two inches of sand at the base and then level it again.

Images courtesy of HomeDepot

5. Insert the pre-formed backyard pond.

If everything is balanced,  back-fill any spaces left from your dig and start filling the pond with water. The result is a basic pond that can be dressed up from June to year end. And before you begin your outdoor Landscaping, take pictures of your pond from a distance, so you know what kind of accessories to use to enhance your patio or deck in your backyard landscaping.

EiEiHome has service pros on our directory who specialize in outdoor landscaping, including decks, pools, patios and ponds, if you don’t want to do-it-yourself. Visit us online for landscaping  ideas, reviews and more!

Do you have any other landscaping ideas to pond-er? Please add them below!

By Orly Leaman

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