Toronto Plumber Tips on How to Avoid Water Damage & Plumbing Problems

Spring and summer season is prone to bring some torrential downpours if the early rains of spring are any indication. The rain is welcome for many throughout the coming season but water damage caused by plumbing problems is not something that homeowners welcome. Toronto Plumbers give some tips on how to prevent & avoid water damage to your home.In fact, this year, DrainWorks Plumbing, home to expert Toronto plumbers, reports that many more homeowners are experiencing sewer backups, partially due to an unusually great amount of precipitation. The worst thing about this plumbing problem is that even when the rain subsides, the water and sewage seepage can be excessive and can cause a great deal of damage to your home, specifically to the basement.

Toronto plumbers share tips to prevent and minimize water damage from excess water:

Drain Inspection

DrainWorks Plumbing Inc., having been in business for over 17 years, encourages their customers to have their drain lines inspected using specialized inspection methods. Their uniquely designed camera can inspect a plumbing line to ensure that concerns get addressed before it becomes a major problem with plumbing. Their licensed Toronto plumbers are trained in the use of their specialized equipment and are very efficient.

Camera Detection

Specialized camera equipment behaves like “eyes in the drain line,” explained Terry Cord, owner and founder of DrainWorks Plumbing Inc. “We find exactly the scope and detail of any possible drainage issues.” The camera will also reveal any portions of your drain line that have been compromised by tree roots, as pictured below.

“Roots and obstructions can make the problem even worse and need to be detected.” he added.

DrainWorks services their customers with a crew of skilled Toronto plumbers on call 24-7. They are eieihomeome Select Service Pros and experts, who are salaried (not commission based) technicians, that provide you with a camera inspection of your main line and further recommendations for avoiding a potential backup, that could occur with the next major downpour.

Avoid Clean-up and Restoration

Doing a thorough clean-up and restoration after a flood and sewage back up can certainly be an unwelcome and unexpected expense. For many homeowners, by the time the damage has been done, it’s a hard lesson learned. In order to save yourself additional costs, Toronto plumbers of DrainWorks Inc. suggests that homeowners be proactive with a drain inspection.

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