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Tree Care: Why Hire an Arborist?

Home owners and architects continue to demand more and more of our beautiful trees. As the owner of Upper Canada Tree Services and an ISA Certified Arborist, Iain Pike has worked in the tree care industry for almost 20 years. He’s had the opportunity to be involved with most aspects of tree care, from planting trees on 5th floor terraces to pruning historic oak trees growing in Toronto.

Arborist’s such as Iain play a key role in helping trees thrive in the environment we build around them. Every situation is different and every consultation provides him with a new challenge.

Trees are worth a lot more than you think

Trees do much more for us than we give back. A properly situated healthy tree can be worth $25,000 or more. Yet we expect them to thrive in our concrete jungles filled with compacted soil, hydro wires, driveways, and exotic bugs. These conditions are not ideal for their health, and yet they persevere.

Trees and humans can get along together

Whether it’s a tree dropping walnuts into a swimming pool, a large oak providing raccoons easy access to a 4th floor balcony, pine sap destroying the paint job on a brand new car, or a neighbour wrongfully cutting down his neighbours’ tree — Iain has seen it all. In most cases, an arborist can help you with these problems.

ISA Certified Arborist credentials are earned through thorough testing and continuing education, as well as adhering to a specific code of conduct. An ISA Certified Arborist will ensure that the trees you love get the care they require. An arborist knows; proper pruning practices, safe tree removal, insect and disease management, tree selection and planting and so much more. Whether you need more sunlight to your vegetable garden or to save your ash tree from Emerald Ash Borer, an arborist can help.

The internet is a great resource

Trees are everywhere and so too, are tree care professionals. It took Iain approximately 3 seconds at to get a listing of 47 different companies offering tree services in Toronto. It would take just a few minutes for anyone to find and contact an expert service professional and set up an appointment. Ensure that your property gets the care it deserves, so that the trees you love will continue to thrive.

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