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Trends in Carpeting and Rugs

You’ve redone the walls. You’ve spruced up the furniture. Now it’s time to deal with the floors.

Believe it or not, carpets and rugs can make or break a room. Whether you’re picking a showpiece or looking for something to blend in with the surroundings, an out-of-style shag or a ratty old area rug can totally blow your whole aesthetic.

While this year’s trends vary in their design aesthetic, the overall focus is on creating a comfortable room that reflects your taste and personality.


Eco-friendly always seems to be in style. Go green and cover your floors with all natural carpets and rugs made from hemp, wool, silk and plant based fibers. Choose calming colors that reflect elements in nature, like warm browns, cool greens and pale blues.

2012’s obsession with organic also extends to animal hides. While this style isn’t for everyone, it’s the perfect complement to an eclectic room and definitely a conversation starter.


Give your room depth and texture by layering rugs. Pick a simple sisal rug as the base and place a smaller rug with a different shape and texture on top. Or divide up a carpeted room by placing an area rug in one section. Choose rugs and carpeting in similar colors so the layering seems like a great design choice rather than a major decor don’t.


Layering works well in small rooms where the rugs are the centerpiece. For big rooms, take the trend one step further by scattering multiple, overlapping rugs across the floor. This is a trend that can easily go awry if you choose pieces that are wildly different. You don’t want your living room looking like a Bedouin tent, so stick to rugs in similar styles and the same muted colors.

Quirky Prints

In certain rooms, a classic pattern can feel dreadfully ho-hum. Thank goodness one of 2012’s rug trends is big, bold, interesting patterns. Brash geometric patterns and oversized abstract prints are all finally getting their turn in the spotlight. They’re a great choice for a sleek, simple room that doesn’t have a lot of other frills.

Global Patterns

At the opposite end of the spectrum, classic global patterns that fell out of favor for a few years are also making a comeback. Navajo, African and ethnic printed throw rugs are the perfect match to a bohemian styled room that begs for a floor piece with the same folksy aesthetic. Bonus points if you snag a rug that’s actually handmade.

Picking the right carpet or rug for each room can be a tough process. However, finding that piece that looks good and feels cozy beneath your feet can be the final element that brings a whole room together and makes your house feel like a home.

By Megan Mostyn-Brown

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