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4 ways to update your kitchen

More than any other room in the house, the kitchen seems to be under the most scrutiny by homeowners.  It seems like no matter how lovely or perfectly functional this most popular of all rooms seems to be, there is always something that simply must be changed.

The good thing about kitchens is they’re actually quite easy to update, no matter what your budget happens to be.  Here are four ways to update your kitchen, from practically effortless to extremely involved.

Seasonal Switches

The easiest way to add interest to your kitchen is through some simple seasonal updates. While this does include any holiday decorating you might want to do, seasonal decorating doesn’t have to be about Halloween or ho ho ho. It simply refers to small edits to your kitchen’s décor that keep your space feeling up-to-date.

Try little tweaks to the fine details in your space. Inject some personality with colour, strategically placed art, collections, or linens. Natural elements are welcome in most any kitchen, whether in the form of a vase filled with citrus, potted herbs or even an arrangement of cotton branches and bolls.

Easy Updates

If you’re after a longer lasting change, try some easy updates on for size. This would most likely be a weekend project or even a DIY quickie on a weeknight. These are small updates that provide big impact.

Easy updates can include painting the walls, switching out the faucets or changing the light fixtures. Combine a few of these updates over a period of time and  you’re definitely going to notice a change in your kitchen without losing too much change from your bank account.

Significant Facelift

Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint and some new pendant lights just aren’t enough of an update. This is when it’s time to get serious about taking on a big project. Envision new appliances coming into the kitchen, new countertops or refaced cupboards.

These are still cosmetic changes; however, they are big ones. Put several changes together and you’ll have a completely refreshed kitchen.

Complete Renovation

There are times when not even new appliances can revamp a tired, old kitchen. This is especially true when the kitchen’s layout is the problem. Over the last several decades different trends and aesthetics have resulted in some oddly angled kitchen peninsulas, unusable cabinets and appliances that just aren’t situated where they should be.  Are you interested in adding a large kitchen island or would like to remove a wall presently separating the kitchen and another room?

No matter what motivates your kitchen renovation, if it’s time to make some major changes, then you’ll need to find a local professional to help you get the job done.

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