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Update Your Home’s Lighting with 2018’s Brightest Trends

Renowned Toronto electrical and lighting experts ̶ Hotwire electric discuss the year’s hottest trends in home lighting design.

Hotwire Electric is the only female run, owned and operated electrical contractors in the City of Toronto and today has the pleasure of speaking to the woman behind it all about the latest and greatest trends in home lighting design.

Hanna Taylor is the director of operations at Hotwire Electric, which has taken the industry by storm over the last two decades bringing home a number of awards from  HomeStars, Trusted Pros and Houzz. With a large builder and renovator client group, they focus on residential and commercial projects.

Taylor’s motto, lighting is art, also represents a strong brand hashtag found on many of the company’s social media campaigns and is a reflection of Hotwire Electric’s commitment to the design and decorative component of lighting that goes well beyond just its basic utility.  To Hotwire, lighting is king and represents the main focus of the company.

We spoke to Hanna today about the trendy new lighting choices homeowners are making when building their custom homes and updating their spaces

Gold Is The New Black: Forget orange, gold is the new black!  “Gold has once again risen to prominence and tops interior decorator’s lists when it comes to selecting light fixtures for custom homes.” Taylor explains.  Black is out, and a soft gold shimmer is in!

Island Pendant Lights: “ Gone are the days of few, small pendant lights. More and more custom homeowners are opting for more pendant lights than they used to, and selecting much larger sizes as well.” Taylor explains.

Vintage Edison LED Bulbs:  Despite the trend toward modern home design, vintage Edison bulbs in the LED format are making a serious come back. “ Not only are they extremely versatile and available in LED, but the ability to see the filament strips within the bulb really offers a classic vintage look.” Taylor explains.

Lighting Is Health:  Health consciousness is a massive consideration in home design and this sentiment is not lost in the world of lighting. “ With our long Canadian winters and increasing concerns over the effect of excessive amounts of blue light on our mood, more and more homeowners are opting for high CRI lighting, which more truly represents real light and tends to have more red effects.” Taylor explains. If you want to learn more about what CRI means and how it can affect the ambience in your home, the experts at Hotwire Electric would be more than happy to oblige.

LED is Leading The Way For Lighting: With LED tape light prices continuing to drop they are no longer being restricted to under cabinet usage. Different colours via RGB and brightness options are now available, and switching between these options can even be remotely controlled.

No Bulbs In Your Future: The rise of integrated LED lighting, specifically for pot lights, will also bring about the death of the lightbulb. “The bulb will become obsolete as more and more people are opting for integrated LED pot lights.” Taylor explains.

Hotwire Electric truly believes that your lighting fixtures are the jewels of your home and that new custom homeowners have come to realize this and respond accordingly by devoting an increasing amount of money to ensure their home is outfitted with the latest and greatest in lighting technology.

Focusing on new build and primarily residential projects, Hotwire Electric is a great choice for your next project, large or small.

For your commercial sites and lighting updates, if you are looking for high end selections and quality fixtures, they are the team for the job. From design to installation one of their licenced electricians can assist your needs.

You can learn more about Hotwire Electric by visiting their website www. as well as through the contractor directory here at

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