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The ups and downs of garage door springs

Garage doors are an important part of everyday life to a wide variety of people. eieihome spoke to Diana Sargant Gibson of The Garage Door Depot about understanding the importance of the function and maintenance of the garage door springs.

If you’re uncertain as to which type of spring your garage door has, you can check simply by where the springs are installed. Torsion springs can be found on the upper section of the garage door, mounted to the header. Extension springs are installed on each side of the garage door and are attached to the track.

Torsion Springs

As the name implies, torsion springs are based on the torque created as the garage door is opened or closed. The springs will twist and coil to allow this function and will last 10,000 lift cycle or more. Torsion springs are stronger and smoother than extension springs. It will be beneficial for the longevity of your garage door to consider converting to torsion springs.

Extension Springs

Extension springs will stretch as force is applied to them, the greater the force the further they extend. These springs last about 10,000 lift cycles. They consist of safety cables on either side of the garage door, running through the spring, and attached to the back bracing.  If you notice that the cables are missing, be sure to contact professionals, like the folks at The Garage Door Depot, to have the safety cables properly installed.

Good garage door maintenance

Bottom cable brackets are attached to the bottom of the door and are continuously under a lot of tension, it is best to call a professional for any and all maintenance regarding the spring set-up of your garage door. “In order to determine whether or not the springs are balanced, there is a simple test you can conduct,” says Gibson. With the door in the closed position, disengage the release cord and open the door to your waist and let it go carefully. If the door lowers or rises significantly, then the springs are out of balance and you should call a professional.  Do not attempt to repair or replace springs yourself.

Whether operated manually or via motor, springs play a vital part and the maintenance of them is paramount. With them, a small motor of approximately half a horsepower, can open and shut the door with ease. Without the springs, you’ll find your garage door a nearly immovable object.

Like any other important feature in your home, garage doors require tender love and care, along with the help of a professional like the friendly staff at The Garage Door Depot to keep them in good health and working smoothly and safely.

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