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Urban Foliage

Who is Nicolas Rousseau?

Nicolas Rousseau is the owner and founder of Urban Foliage Inc. He received his masters in plant physiology and an engineering degree in horticulture (specializing in green buildings) in France. After studying seven years in France he moved to Canada where he then worked at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) as a Research Assistant at the Centre for Architectural Ecology. In this role he researched how plants evolve and grow on roof tops and living walls. For the past two and a half years Nicolas has been developing his living frame product, testing plants and working on a unique substrate.

What is Urban Foliage?

Urban Foliage was incorporated in 2009 and started commercializing their living frame product just six months ago. The living wall industry has had a lot of booms and crashes, because very few companies have the research and design background to actually create a sustainable, viable and durable living feature. Most companies simply have the design element and after a few months their products wilt and die, whereas Urban Foliage’s products can last for years.

Urban Foliage was one of 2010’s top five finalists in the Small Business BC (British Columbia) competition for Best Concept award.

What does Urban Foliage specialize in?

Urban Foliage specializes in Living Frames for residential, commercial and industrial applications. They bring nature inside our living spaces through Living Frames. The Living Frame improves air quality and can also improve a person’s health and mental well being! The Living Frame is very unique and doesn’t exist anywhere else in North America. Nicolas tells us that his brand is centered on providing the very best quality products to clients.

Urban Foliage also teaches people about plants and how to take care of them indoors.

Urban Foliage is currently developing more products, but they were unable to tell us about them as these innovations are not protected with a patent… yet!

What do you love about your work?

Nicolas loves plants. He loves working with them, researching them and caring for them. He believes that working with nature is one of the best jobs in the world. He told us, “Nature is something everyone needs, without it we wouldn’t be here!” Nicolas also enjoys designing and providing products so that everybody can have plants in their living spaces.

Showcase Product:

Urban Foliage creates a highly customizable luxury product that can come in any shape, size, color or material. Every Living Frame is one of a kind. The plants are always unique and layed out differently as well. The starting price for this product is $790 and as it is highly customizable the price can vary greatly from frame to frame.

The biggest challenge with Urban Foliage’s product is the fact that it doesn’t exist anywhere else and Nicolas needs to spread the word, as well as educate the public on plants and how to take care of them.

Living frame in living room

Living frame in japanese style room

Living frame in an office

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