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How to use a trending colour in your home decor

With some colour experts predicting purple as one of 2017’s colours to watch, if you’re a fan of the regal shade, you might be trying to envision how best to use this trending colour in your home décor. Purple, even in its more subdued hues is a fairly polarizing option. It’s either loved or despised.

Will you opt for a full adoption and paint an entire room (or at least a wall) with it? Will you give purple a feature role in your home by adding an area rug or piece of furniture in the regal shade? Or will you play it safe, by simply choosing to add purple in subtle hints with accessories?

Here are some inspiring ways to use a trending colour in your home decor–whether you want to sneak it in our shout about it.

Subtle Ways to Decorate with Purple

If you want to use purple in a small or temporary way, try these subtle options.

Occasional Accessories

A great way to add a hint of purple to a room is with accessories that can be easily displayed or hidden away when needed. Things like coasters, vases, vibrantly-coloured books and other items work perfectly in this regard.

Add an Area Rug

purple decor

Source: Wayfair

Adding an area rug is an impactful, yet low commitment way to bring colour into a room. You can maintain a safe wall and furniture scheme, while still enjoying the season’s trending colour.

Use Florals

Using florals is an excellent way to add colour without overpowering a room (unless you have an aversion to scents). Lavender adds the perfect punctuation of purple to a rustically decorated home, particularly when showcased in in a fabulous vessel, like this old bucket.

Add Accent Pillows

One of the safest ways to add trending seasonal colours to your home is through the use of throw pillows. You can enjoy a hint of a fun colour without having to commit make much of a time or cost commitment.

Daring Ways to Add Purple

Not everyone wants to be subtle about adding colour around the home. In fact, many people embrace it. Here are a few bold and beautiful ways to give your home a shot of flavour using the colour purple.

Offer A Royal Welcome

Feeling fearless? Add a splash of interest to your curb appeal, by painting your main entry door a fetching purple shade.

Statement Seating


Invite a statement chair into your living room, bedroom or any other place that could use a shot of colour. This is a big, bold way to add purple to your room without overwhelming the space.

Paint a feature wall

purple decor

Source: Dulux

Source: Dulux

Of course the ultimate way to treat your home with a dose of colour is by splashing it onto the walls. If repainting the entire room does not sound appealing, assign this year’s grey-violet shade to a feature wall.

Whether you choose to add a lot or just a little bit of colour to your home this year, embrace the decision. Colour has an almost magical way of altering your mood, whether you realize it or not. Wondering what type of impact purple will have on your mood? Purple is said to be a calming, which also stimulates creativity.

Will adding purple have a calming or inspirational effect in your home? Try adding some and find out!

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